Winter (just like Game of Thrones) has finally arrived.

Do not be caught off-guard, I’m here to help you navigate through the cold in style. 

Remember to always keep your lifestyle in mind, when shopping for key pieces. I work from home so I have a more laid back casual style. If you would like me to help you shop for your lifestyle, click here for more info about my image consultant services and rates.

When I start to think about Winter and how my wardrobe is about to change the first thing that pops into my mind is shoes. Why? Because shoes are the most dramatic change in your wardrobe. I will wear jeans all year round, but definitely not open toe sandals.

Ready? So lets get right into it!

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1. Tall Boots

I’m such a fan of ankle boots, but as it gets colder I tend to gravitate more towards taller boots. There are loads of options out there. Over the knee boots can look super stylish, but is tricky to pull off: Knee high boots are your go to option.

Suede boots are great, but not made for messy weather. Rather invest in leather boots – it’s much more versatile.

Colour wise I like to stick to neutral colours – a black, tan or a grey boot is a must have! But a girl can dream and these pink Hunter boots have been on my wish list since I can remember…

Style tip: When tucking pants into knee high boots make sure to wear skinny jeans or jeggings (jeans +leggings) – you don’t want your jeans bunching up at the top of your boots.

2. Skinny Jeans

I realize that not everyone looks best in skinny jeans, but I have to include them, because they just work great with knee high boots.

If you have broader hips (pear shaped) and still wants to wear skinny jeans, try wearing a lighter colour on top and chunkier boots to balance out your curvy hips. See, I know what I’m talking about!

3. Sweater

A Good quality classic sweater can work for any occasion. Wear it to work with trousers and on the weekend with jeans and sneakers. Most versatile item in your closet!

Style Tip: Pay attention to the neckline and choose a style that is flattering for you:

If you have big boobs, then you should opt for V-neckline sweaters. Smaller boobs can get away with a rounded neckline, frills and ruffles.

4. Sweater dress

Definitely my favourite! Pair it with tights and boots for an effortless cool girl look.

Style Tip: Buy high quality tights! I recently discovered pregnancy tights at H&M!

5. Coat

Whether you go for the classic wool coat or a trendy puffer coat. Both are winter wardrobe essentials!

Style Tip: Classic colours like grey, camel or black are great for wool coats.

I’m wearing pink coat from Contempo…

6. Scarf

The blanket scarf are on its way out! Yay! I always felt like I was drowning in those. But the cozy scarf is making a comeback. So look out for a long, cozy scarf that you can drape around your neck.

Style Tip: Infinity scarves are easier to style but can look dated, so rather opt for a more traditional style.

Ps: Don’t forget the layering tees! Definitely not fun to buy, but necessary. You can wear it underneath your sweaters for additional warmth.

And if you do not live in Nelspruit (where it’s always hot) buy a pair of gloves!

I’d love to hear your thoughts! What would you add to the list? I realize this list may vary a bit for everyone but I think it’s a good start…

Let me do the thinking for you – click to see what I can do for you!

Until next time…

Helene & Minki

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