1. You Will Have To Up Your Morning Game

Trust me on this one! No more waking up peacefully, sipping on a cup of filter coffee, watching Morning Live and scrolling through Instagram. It’s. Chaotic. You would think that getting a little person to school on time is easy, think again!

Most days Minki refuses to change her diaper, insist on watching Barney (till the end), puts on 5 different outfits, wants nothing to do with her porridge until it’s time to go and then she wants to take 28 random pieces of crap with her to school = we are always late for school.

Tip: For your own sanity, try to get up at least 15 minutes before your kids do — even if you just check Instagram and sip a cup of coffee, you’ll have time to gather your thoughts before the morning chaos begins.

2. You Will Have To Be Prepared

Yeah I know this part, wait and take a minute and read it! Set aside time at night to prep for the next day. Pack lunch- and snack items, fill water bottles, gather after-school gear and ask kiddo to select an outfit in advance.

Getting the details out of the way will leave you more available to focus on your little one during the chaotic morning routine.

Tip: Invest in a cute lunchbox! This one from Oops is super fun and it’s a cooler which means fresh sarmies and snacks at any time of the day.

3. They Will Be Hungry!

Your child will be starving when they come home. Absolutely famished. Kindergarten is a long day away from home, packed with activities, burning a lot of energy. It depends on the kindergarten but typically kids eat once during the day

Make sure to pack healthy snacks (in a adorable lunchbox) to avoid a famished kid at the end of the day.

4. They Will Need The Right Backpack.

So buy the (right) backpack ASAP! Yes, there are loads to choose from and I had my fair share. But this easy backpack from OOPS ticks all the boxes:

  • It’s the perfect size! The dimensions have been designed to meet the needs of younger children.
  • It’s not too heavy! It’s light, but roomy and durable.
  • It’s easy to clean! All you need is water.
  • It’s perfectly made for little Brainiac’s – equipped with adjustable child friendly shoulder straps.
  • It’s colourful – The 3D characters come to life and will make any kid smile!

5. They Might Not Be The Best Behaved Child At Home For A While

I was shocked when my little cutie pie started acting all sassy and talking back a bit more after school. My first reaction? She definitely learned this at school! But then I spoke to her teacher and hearing that she was basically a little angel at school – not showing any of those traits in the classroom.

So the problem lies with me? No, stop with the mom-guilt Momma! There’s a scientifically proven explanation:

Children “use-up” their positive behaviour at school. At home they tend to be over-tired, irritable and act up more often.

Simply put: They know you love them no matter what, so they show their true feelings around you – no “pretending.”

What worked for us is an earlier bedtime, more wine for me (before I was pregnant) and loads and loads and loads of patience…

And if you are lucky you will have your well behaved child back in no time… or not!

Ps: I take no responsibility for Minki’s outfits. She choose her own clothes! Read my blog about Why you should let kiddo choose their own clothes here!

Until next time…

Helene (& Minki)

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