Daily life with picky eaters:

Minki: Ew!

Me: “Please take a bite, just one bite?”

Minki: No, no, no!

If the sweet symphonies of “Mom, I don’t like this” or “Dad, I don’t like that” sound all too familiar to your family, you’ve got a picky eater on your hands. And yes, I’m stuck with a picky eater. I have no idea how this happened because I will literally eat anything (except olives, broccoli, beans and nuts).

Filling her tummy with healthy food and snacks has proven quite a challenge. Therefore I was over the moon to discover Olli.

Get to know the Olli brand

Olli is all about healthy food for kids and babies. They have developed a range of delicious baby foods which can be microwaved in their packaging, making them quicker and easier to serve. Each product is created using top quality real ingredients, carefully prepared to preserve taste and nutrient content.

It will help the picky eater in your family eat a balanced diet.

Grab- and Go

The range comprises 12 options, and their resealable packaging makes flexible portion sizes a cinch!

I really do want Minki to eat healthy but in-between school, work, swimming and the hustle of everyday life I often revert to quick, unhealthy snacks like cheese curls! #badmom

Research has shown it sometimes takes 11 tries for a child to decide they like a new food, but with Olli we only needed 1 try! Yay! Minki loves the Olli Oaty Munch Bars! And I feel like a greaaaat Mom because these bars are packed with goodness.

We LOVE Olli

  • No artificial colourants
  • Individually wrapped – quick and easy!
  • Top quality ingredients
  • And most importantly it taste great!

Choose your favourite: Apricot, Chocolate or Yoghurt!

Snack tip: Serve snacks when kids are hungry, but not too close to meal time.

Dinner time

Meal wise you can choose from an array of smoothies and lets be honest – who does not love a Smoothie (definitely the only reason I’m going to the gym)!

Olli smoothies contain ingredients such as apple, banana, prunes, maize, and butternut. The Puds options include ingredients such as vanilla custard, berries, and beets, and can be served as a pudding portion or a meal on their own.

The Brekkies provide quick and easy morning meal options (which mean you will have time for some much needed wake-me-up morning coffee), and the Mealos variants offer home-style meals made from hearty ingredients.


As a Mom (definitely not a MasterChef) I love quick and easy options. Olli ticks all the boxes! And it makes me feel like a better Mom!

How To Outsmart Your Picky Eater

  1. Plan meals – no short order cooking
  2. Remember it takes 11 tries to accept something – just one more bite pleaaaaase???
  3. The plate does not have to be clean #nocleanplateclub
  4. Shop and cook with the kids
  5. Serve smart snacks

Or just buy Olli!

Where can I buy Olli™?

Olli™ is available at Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Baby City, Babies R Us, Takealot and Baby Boom. To locate a stockist near you call +27 11 445 3300.

Baby City
Babies R Us
Take a Lot
Baby Boom

For more Olli inspiration give them a follow!

Until next time…

Helene (& Minki)

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