Last week I waited at the school gate and I saw Minki and a friend playing a game of catch. They were having a great time, but when Minki finally caught her friend in a big bear hug, the friend turned around and all I could see was snot!

Gross I know, but unfortunately it’s the snottie season.

I’m sick of the snotties and did you know that breathing can spread the flu virus? (Based on a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) #scaryfact 

Needless to say we headed to Mopani Pharmacy that same afternoon to get our flu shots.

Minki thoroughly enjoyed watching Mommy getting hurt…

But she wasn’t all smiles when it was her turn…

Some things you should know about the flu


Who should get vaccinated?

Everyone above 6 months should get a flu vaccine each season as recommended by the CDC Centres for Disease Control and Prevention since February 2010.

Did you know? Flu vaccines are safe for pregnant women!

But I got one last year…

Sorry, but you should get one every year. Why? Because the body’s immune response to vaccines declines over time and flu viruses are constantly changing.

Does the flu vaccine work immediately?

No. Antibodies that provide protection against flu only develop two weeks after the vaccination. It’s better to get vaccinated before the flu season really gets under way.

Can I still get seasonal flu even though I have had the flu vaccine?

Flu vaccinations reduce the severity of the illness in people who get vaccinated and might still get sick. Protection can vary, based on health and age factors.

Did you know: Your pets can get the flu but you can’t catch it from them! So don’t worry if your doggy sneezes!


Where should I go?

Flu vaccinations are available at Mopani Pharmacy WELLNESS CLINICS without an appointment.

Don’t hesitate, vaccinate!

And say goodbye to the snotties!

*The information presented is compiled by a pharmacist.

**Keep an eye out for Mopani’s Immune Boosting Special starting 24 April…


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Until next time…

Helene & Minki

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