So this weekend it was MInki’s 3rd birthday. Say what? Yes, time flies and it’s hard to realise she’s growing up, but deciding on a theme for her birthday party was easy. I just thought about what she loves most in this world!

The answer: Ice cream and pretty dresses (Rokkies & Roomys)

So (un)fortunately on a good day (when I didn’t feel nauseous), I made the crazy decision to host Minki’s birthday party at our house. And I’m no DIY queen, let me tell you that.

But in the end I settled for some clever (easy) Pinterest ideas and it was one crazy fun filled party. Are you thinking of bringing the party back to your house? Then scroll down for some quick and easy tips.

Keep the décor simple

No really! Pinterest is great, but the thing is my creations never quite turn out like those on my pinned board. So skip the super complicated stuff and stick to the basics.


I (okay we), made ice-cream cones (The ones you can see hanging from the ceiling). All you need is some party hats, pom pom balls and a willing husband.

Tie the pom pom balls to the party hat for a huge 3D ice-cream! We used ribbons to keep the balls in place. Constructed in front of the TV while watching SA Bachelor! #valentinesdayfun

Simple but eye catching!


Lets be honest – kids really don’t care about how their party bags look – they just want to know what’s inside! It’s the inside that counts right? So once again, I kept it simple with colourful paper bags, printed some cute pictures from Pinterest, and glued it on and TA-DA!

TIP: Write each kid names on their party bag, it gets crazy real quick and you don’t want your kid to scream about her cheese curls, when it’s actually, well uhm not hers.


Oh how I wish I could take the credit for this creation? But thanks to a very dear friend (whose’ also a master baker), Minki got the cake of her dreams: a Barbie Princess with a huge puffy floral dress. Tied in perfectly with the “Rokkies & Roomys” theme.

The kids couldn’t wait to cut the cake and gasped when they saw the rainbow colours inside! Best of all – the cake was yummy! Young and old were licking their fingers and Minki kept stuffing cake in her mouth (it’s her party after all)!

I’ve got this super cute ice cream bowls (With matching ice-cream spoons) at the china mall. I mean how cute is that? It served a double purpose – kids were eating their cake and ice-cream inside their little ice cream bowels and it was such a big part of the décor. Gotta love China!

In a matter of seconds Minki’s friends destroyed my beautiful setting and were soon looking for other entertainment. Everybody got into their swimming costumes and the party continued in the swimming pool.

Finally ice cream cones were served – have you taste Ola’s Rich and Creamy Birthday Party Flavour? It’s to die for!

Kids were running around, obviously on a sugar high, screaming and swimming and Minki was in the middle of it all, soaking up all the attention, in her pretty pink dress from Cotton On Kids.

The day was a huge success, everybody had loads of fun and way too much sugar. My house looked like a battlefield but hey, it only happens once a year!

Oh and the one thing you should do at kiddo’s next birthday party?

Please RSVP – whether your child will or won’t attend. RSVP as soon as you get the invitation so that you don’t forget! We’re all terribly busy these days, but it takes only a minute to text and say, “Tommy would love to go.”

And the one thing you should NOT do?

Please don’t assume the party is a drop off (especially if your kid is under 5). Your kid = your responsibility!

Until next time…

Helene & Minki

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