Would I even be a fashion blogger if I did not tell you what items you need to kick start your wardrobe for 2019?

If you don’t believe me, turn your sights towards Pinterest. The annual Pinterest 100 forecasts what people on the Internet (and on its platform) will likely be engaging with using search data and behavior. The report covers everything from travel and food to home decor and, yes, beauty and fashion. So check out these 6 predictions from Pinterest—and shop my picks for each one.

1. The Bamboo Bag

These bags must be the biggest trend since florals. It’s everywhere! According to Pinterest searches for bamboo bags are up with a whopping 2,215 percent!

Tip: Choose a bamboo bag that fits your lifestyle – I’ve got this amazing oval shape one from Foschini (and it’s big enough for  a pack of wipes and a diaper)!

Also check out this stylish straw bag from Poetry Stores.

Yes, I like big buts (I mean bags) 😉

2. Ruching

Good news pregnant ladies! Ruching is back! Ruching might have once been a clever styling trick for expecting ladies, but now pint size bloggers and celebrities are rocking the ruching trend.

Ruching searches are up 108%! So get your ruche on!

3. Snake Print

Okay, confession time. When I was in high school, I wore snakeskin leather pants to a sokkie. At the time, I thought I looked a-mazing. Would I wear them now? Noooooo!! But according to Pinterest the snake skin print is here to stay and is considered the new leopard print! Mmm.. I’m not convinced…Although searches for snake print are up 642 percent.

Play it safe with this snake skin belt from Mr Price!

4. Statement Sneakers

Everybody wants a pair of the Balenciaga’s sneaker (Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers sent the fashion crowd spiraling, everybody trying to get their hands on a pair of chunky $895 kicks)! If you are not earning a Kardashian salary, then check out these statement sneakers from Mr Price for only R299!
Pretty cool and affordable! Oh and searches for “statement sneakers” are up 2,211 percent, per Pinterest.

5. The Wrap Dress

The oh-so-pretty wrap dress is making a comeback and women all over are rejoicing (because wrap dresses suit most body shapes)! Duh! Update your wrap dress and look for a robe kind of wrap dress. Like this pretty floral one from Mr Price.

You will make the fashion gods smile…

6. The Biker Shorts

Unfortunately they are cropping up everywhere… Yes, they had a moment on Spring 2019 runways. Could it be? Yes – biker shorts are back. And they are coming for you with a vengeance. High rise, leopard print – you choose!

The only trick here: Try to look nothing like a biker and you are halfway there.

Sorry, I could not find any cool biker shorts available in South Africa but, according to Pinterest searches for biker shorts increased with 1,323 percent. Oops!


Lets Talk Accessories…


All you need is some tortoise shell bangles and oval sunglasses!

And that’s your fashion update folks!

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Until next time…

Helene (& Minki)

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