5 Pretty pink finds

Sorry Aerosmith but pink is definitely our favorite colour! My 5 favorite and fabulous finds this week is… you guessed it “all about that pink, bout that pink…” 1. MovePretty I recently found this trendy online store. And it’s safe to say I immediately fell in love!...

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Best finds at big stores!

That feeling you get when you’re browsing around in a little hidden-away shop and you find the perfect vintage handbag = priceless. BUT… There’s something to be said for the big clothing retailers. It might not sound as cool as finding your perfect embroidered handbag...

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5 Fab Finds on SALE

  I’m sure there’s some scientific explanation for what exactly happens in our brain, when we see these 4 red letters: SALE. Here’s what happens in mine: Wow SALE, I can get everything I LOVE at half the price and this way actually SAVE money!! Yay! Mmm… That’s great...

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