Things to do in Pretoria (with kids)

A True city girl at heart I just love a weekend visit to one of my favourite cities: Pretoria. But since the movies and fancy cocktail bars are distant memories of a time way way back (read before Minki), we now have to look for kids-friendly places to...

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Why we love visiting The Flag Animal Farm

Since becoming a family of three the way we think about outings changed quite a bit. For instance: We’ve been going to Ballito Bay since I can remember but I have never ever noticed The Flag Animal Farm until our recent holiday. The reason: a Cute little...

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How to not stop travelling with a Baby!

We are NOT going to be that couple who says we can’t go anywhere because of our baby! Hubby and I are both avid travellers, so that was our first thought when we found out I was pregnant! And although it’s a challenge and sometimes seems undoable Minki has been to the...

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