How To Have A Good Time At The Market With Kids

It’s possible, I promise… So we visited the BFM Farmers Market at Casterbridge. Good for you food, local music and mouth-watering smells flowing through the air, the smell of beer and lots of unexplored stalls, waiting for me (and my wallet)! Hubby headed directly to...

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10 Things to pack for your next beach holiday

  We all love going on a beach holiday! Unfortunately packing for that beach holiday is kind of hard work. I don’t know about you, but I always end up packing WAY TOO MUCH, thinking I’m gonna use everything and then end up living in my soft shorts, bikini and...

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Explore the Panorama route in style

If you are anything like us… a weekend at home feels a little bit like a waste. I mean it just feels so much longer if you actually do something instead of just (trying) to lie on the couch (negotiating who’s turn it is to entertain baby), or catching up on that pile...

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