Why I’m Working Through The Mom Guilt

Why I’m Working Through The Mom Guilt

Guilt. What is up with that? I’ve never felt guilt like this. Let me introduce you: Mom meet Mom Guilt. Mom Guilt meet Mom. It’s so messed up. I mean I literally give my life to this little human on a daily basis and I still somehow find something to feel guilty...

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The Science of why kids love stuffed animals

The Science of why kids love stuffed animals

Let the cuddles begin! Here’s why cuddling with your stuffed toy is good for you and according to science grown-ups are guilty too… Cuddling teddy bears “evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort,” psychologist Corrine Sweet said in a 2010 press release (for a...

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How To Have A Good Time At The Market With Kids

How To Have A Good Time At The Market With Kids

It’s possible, I promise… So we visited the BFM Farmers Market at Casterbridge. Good for you food, local music and mouth-watering smells flowing through the air, the smell of beer and lots of unexplored stalls, waiting for me (and my wallet)! Hubby headed directly to...

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7 Lowest Motherhood Moments (and counting)

7 Lowest Motherhood Moments (and counting)

F***! Sorry in advance, but that’s what happened. I started swearing. Those of you who know me, will be shocked, because I do not swear (a lot). I actually hated the f-word, but recently I was forced to start using it on a more regular basis (I will try to stop,...

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The Perfect Jumpsuit To Suit Your Body Shape

The Perfect Jumpsuit To Suit Your Body Shape

Have you been part of the I-do-not-have-the-perfect-body-so-I-can-never-wear-a-jumpsuit-tribe? Unfortunately there’s a bunch of girls (a lot who I considered friends, who want to wear a jumpsuit, but believe that they must first lose 10 kilos “because jumpsuits are...

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5 Huge Reasons to Build your Mini-Me Right Now

5 Huge Reasons to Build your Mini-Me Right Now

You know when you see something and you just got to have it? No, I’m not talking about the new tiny handbag trend! You can read about that RIGHT HERE but, this is (almost) cuter than the tiny handbag trend: Introducing Mini-Me: Personalised LEGO Gifts. Yes, you get to...

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What does Heritage Day mean to you?

What does Heritage Day mean to you?

What does heritage mean to you? When you become a parent, you look at the whole heritage thing differently. Instead of just celebrating a day off, you actually think about what happened before you were here and what will happen when you are no longer here? It comes...

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Step into Spring with these 5 Fab Finds

Step into Spring with these 5 Fab Finds

1. The Longer Length Blouse This blouse from Contempo Shop makes transitioning almost too easy. Wear it with skinny jeans and sneakers for the coolest mom on the block look, or go all out girly and pair it with a chiffon skirt. Head over to my blog to see 3 Ways to...

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