Why I’m Working Through The Mom Guilt

Guilt. What is up with that? I’ve never felt guilt like this. Let me introduce you: Mom meet Mom Guilt. Mom Guilt meet Mom. It’s so messed up. I mean I literally give my life to this little human on a daily basis and I still somehow find something to feel guilty...

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The Science of why kids love stuffed animals

Let the cuddles begin! Here’s why cuddling with your stuffed toy is good for you and according to science grown-ups are guilty too… Cuddling teddy bears “evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort,” psychologist Corrine Sweet said in a 2010 press release (for a...

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7 Lowest Motherhood Moments (and counting)

F***! Sorry in advance, but that’s what happened. I started swearing. Those of you who know me, will be shocked, because I do not swear (a lot). I actually hated the f-word, but recently I was forced to start using it on a more regular basis (I will try to stop,...

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