The Perfect Jumpsuit To Suit Your Body Shape

Have you been part of the I-do-not-have-the-perfect-body-so-I-can-never-wear-a-jumpsuit-tribe? Unfortunately there’s a bunch of girls (a lot who I considered friends, who want to wear a jumpsuit, but believe that they must first lose 10 kilos “because jumpsuits are...

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What does Heritage Day mean to you?

What does heritage mean to you? When you become a parent, you look at the whole heritage thing differently. Instead of just celebrating a day off, you actually think about what happened before you were here and what will happen when you are no longer here? It comes...

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5 Spring Trends To Keep An Eye On

The Paris Haute Couture Autumn Winter ’18 Fashion Week is currently underway. The mood above the equator might be freezing, but south of the Equator we are waving goodbye to Winter. So, I tapped into some Parisian street style inspo and thought I’ll let you (and of...

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