Buying a handbag, the first thing we want is that it can fit all the essential accessories, without having to compromise on the style! If you are looking for style meets comfort, girls let me introduce you to:

4 reasons why you need an African handbag

1. It’s glam

This bag is the perfect accessory to give any outfit edge and personality! Just throw it over your shoulder and you’ve got instant street- or beach cred.

I love the extra soft inside pocket for your cellphone or Ipad! Not to mention to polka dot lining…

2. Or not…

Not one for glamour? Why not see the breathtaking view from Cape Point with your bag? Perfect accessory to keep a bottle of water and your I-phone (to take pictures of the amazing view) and your amazing handbag of course!

3. It’s local

It’s proudly South African! When you support a local business, you give back and you make the people who made it (with lots of love), do a little happy dance!

Now aint’ that nice?

4. It’s different

There are literally millions of handbags out there… but what I love about these bags are their uniqueness.

Colourful and bold you will make a fashion statement wherever you go!

5. It’s not going to break the bank…

Oops! That’s 5 reasons but who cares?

Designer bags can easily cost you thousands! At FourTimesThree you get designer bags for non-designer prices.

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Head over to and pick your favourite!

Remember to use the discount code (PRETTYBELLE20) at checkout to receive your 20% discount!

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