Let the cuddles begin! Here’s why cuddling with your stuffed toy is good for you and according to science grown-ups are guilty too…

Cuddling teddy bears “evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort,” psychologist Corrine Sweet said in a 2010 press release (for a Travelodge study, of all things).

“It’s human nature to crave these feelings from childhood to adult life.”

According to Bustle.com teddies and other comfort objects are very common (even in grown-up apartments):

60 percent of small children have them (and up to 35 percent of adults)!

Confession: I still remember my best non-human friend Ollie. He had huge ears and a lopsided smile and he was soft, oh softer than a baby’s bum. Yes, he’s still in my room. No, I don’t sleep with him (all the time), but seeing those floppy ears and lopsided smile, still warms my heart (and I’m 33)!

There’s no need to hide your (weird) behaviour, ‘cause cuddling soft toys are good for you and kiddo!

Great news in our household, because Minki is pretty much obsessed with The Beanie Boos. The beanie what? Yes, when we were young you had a big brown teddy bear and if you were really lucky (like me) an elephant. But times they are changing…

Beanie Boos are collectable plush toys which come in a variety of animal characters.

You can find them in Claire’s and selected Clicks Stores (just look out for their huge glittery eyes)!

The authentic Boos have a unique heart shaped tag from maker Ty and each come with a name and birth date. With every new one I have to read the name to little Miss Minki.

Welcome to the family Quinn! (Quinn’s birthday is 12 September)!

And Baboo…

And Posey…

“I will eat anything you put on my plate, And I never will be ashamed of my weight!”

Can you see why he is my personal favourite?

Yes, their freakishly big eyes do follow me around the room, but I must admit that they are pretty darn cute…

Anyways as you know, kids learn through play. And even in today’s technology saturated world, the stuffed toy still makes a comeback every year.

The reason: The simplest toy brings the most joy

Why are kids drawn to stuffed animals?


Playing “mommy” or “daddy” to a stuffed animal makes children feel capable and in control.

Imaginative play is crucial to their mental and social development. Read more about the benefits of imaginary play right here.


Teddy does NOT judge.

Stuffed toys are the most patient invention ever. No matter how many times Minki dropped Hasie, pulled him by the ear or forgot him outside… He will always love her (thanks Whitney Houston)!

People can and probably will disappoint us – stuffed animals? Never.

Those chubby faces and large eyes somehow make the world seem like a better place.

 “You’ve got a friend in me”

Remember that song from Toy Story? Stuffed animals are also called transitional objects because they provide psychological comfort, reassurance, familiarity and help children feel good,” notes Maguelonne Rousseau, a training consultant and parenting expert at Conscious Parenting.

Other studies began to suggest that comfort objects don’t threaten children’s mental health, and may indeed be developmentally advantageous.

“Up to 70 per cent of children develop a strong attachment to transitional objects. Despite what people think, it is not a sign of weakness or insecurity.”

Why we love our non-human pals

  • They teach us to be independent and more confident
  • They help us deal better with our emotions
  • They develop our vocabulary
  • They make us feel safe – a basic human need.

So next time kiddo wants to take her best friend EVERYWHERE, learn from our non-human friends and embrace this slightly weird (but beneficial), human behaviour.

Minki loves her Ty Beanie Boos from Claire’s South Africa.

They are soft, cuddly and cute, make the best playmates and even better snuggle buddies at bedtime. Cats, dogs, owls and other adorable animals come in sizes big and small. Try to collect them all!



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