You know when you see something and you just got to have it? No, I’m not talking about the new tiny handbag trend! You can read about that RIGHT HERE but, this is (almost) cuter than the tiny handbag trend:

Introducing Mini-Me: Personalised LEGO Gifts.

Yes, you get to build a replica of yourself with LEGO’S!

And anyone else you can think of!

I decided to build Me, Myself and My Real Life Mini:

What do you think? 😉

Why We Love It

It’s fun

There’s literally 1000 of items to choose from. Blonde, brunet, dresses or pants, lipstick, handbags, funny faces, and serious faces the list goes on and on and on…

Amazing accessories

I chose my signature red lipstick and for Minki there was no other option than “Hasie,” because you know she’s always with her bunny.

It’s a keepsake

Put it on a stand and make it part of your décor. I personalised my stand to represent PrettyBelle the Blog – cute hey?

It’s the perfect gift

Whether it’s for a wedding, teacher, boss or family:

A Mini Me is such a fun and personal gift.

It’s affordable

You are charged per item. To give you an idea:

Helene’s Mini-Me = R200 + Personalised Stand

Minki’s Mini-Me = R285

That’s 12 items for R485 (Yes, I did the maths for you)!

Cuteness overload on a budget!

The quick guide to building your Mini-Me:


  1. Browse the 1000’s of categorised items on the website
  2. Add to your cart

TIP: Start at the top of your figure (hair/headgear) and work your way down, using the CART as a visual builder for your Mini-Me.

  1. Choose and customize your stand or keep it basic (but still epic)!
  2. Hit check out! Choose one of the easy options to pay and then await speedy delivery of your Unique & Personalised Mini-Me.


15 Things I want my real life mini-me to know when life gets hard…

Stay Stylish
Helene & Minki

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