Dropping my little baby at kindergarten for the first time was one of the most emotional draining experiences of my life.

If you don’t believe me read my post about it here: 16 Emotional stages of taking kiddo to school for the first time. But as it turns out she loves school! Her friends, her teacher and no surprise here the lunch (I’m not much of a cook as you know by now).

I know she’s happy. I know she plays and laughs and learn.


But there’s 4 things I do NOT want my kid to learn in kindergarten:

1. People are mean

Including kids. Trust me on this one. You have not seen a bunch of 5-year olds in a classroom.

Kids can be mean and it’s my worst nightmare to think that one day she might be bullied and that someone will break her spirit.

I pray that she will never be bullied and I also pray that she will never be the mean girl.

2. Fight for your right

Again, life is not for the fainthearted, but man, oh man she’s so little.

I do NOT want her to learn that she has to constantly fight for her little piece of sunshine, her slice of the pizza You know what I mean?

The other night we were reading bedtime stories. The one where two best friends argue about a blue necklace. As the story goes the necklace breaks, when they are pulling it back and forth, back and forth…

You know what my 2-year old response was to that story: “Ons moet net gee.”

Translation: “We should give more…”

I think we can all try and give a little more and feel entitled to a little bit less…

3. Draw between the lines

You know that wild unbound imagination that all kids just seem to effortlessly embody?

I do NOT want her to lose that EVER. I do not care if her artwork is the ugliest in the classroom (I prefer to call it abstract), or if she is drawing a pink hippo (because why can’t hippos be pink)?

Preschool introduce a more standardized way of thinking and unfortunately it can be the end of unbound imagination.

4. Mommy is NOT everything

Okay, this one is selfish. But come on, for two years I have fed you, changed your diapers and co-sleep with you. You are basically an extension of me.

I am your world. And I kinda like it.

Now you are going to realise there’s this BIG world outside of Mommy. And that makes me sad.

But as long as you know you get to choose what you do in this big (sometimes bad), world I will be happy.

And as long as you promise to try and be good I will be happy.

Oh and of course you must promise to love me forever.

Then the world is yours for the taking.



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Helene (& Minki)

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