What does heritage mean to you?

When you become a parent, you look at the whole heritage thing differently. Instead of just celebrating a day off, you actually think about what happened before you were here and what will happen when you are no longer here?

It comes down to the universal question: What kind of legacy will I leave behind?

This heritage day I want to celebrate the things I love about my heritage:


  • A Land overflowing with opportunities, you just have to get up and work hard.
  • A Land filled with sunshine, literally. I live in Nelspruit, so I get a lot of sun on a daily basis.
  • Braaivleis! Need I say more? I love a good tjoppie, sosatie or steak, not to mention sitting around a bonfire with the ones I love.
  • Smiles all around! According to studies South Africans are some of the friendliest folk around. How great is that?

I want to raise my little human celebrating her heritage and here’s what I want her to know:

Grab opportunities with both hands!

Eat that tjoppie!

And stop worrying about your thighs…

Swallow the sunshine!

Be extraordinarily happy on a daily basis.

Smile and be kind!

Ronald McDonald says smiles are free.

My mother in law once said something that stuck with me:

She said: You’ve got a special gift: You bring light to a room, event, or gathering. The bearer of light.

The child of light.


I kinda like that.

And one day when I’m no longer here, I hope that is what people will remember about me.

Yes, I loved sunshine, braaivleis and was a hard worker.

Yes, I might have been a little bit weird and quirky with a great fashion sense (obviously) –

But most importantly I had the ability to light up a room, light up people’s lives in some way or the other.

And judging by my little human’s behavior up to now, she’s already spreading the light wherever she goes…

You do not have to be Gandhi or Mother Teresa to change the world.

Just be you and leave your own legacy


And that’s what heritage means to me.


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Stay Stylish


Helene (& Minki)

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