The Paris Haute Couture Autumn Winter ’18 Fashion Week is currently underway. The mood above the equator might be freezing, but south of the Equator we are waving goodbye to Winter.

So, I tapped into some Parisian street style inspo and thought I’ll let you (and of course your mini-me) in on the top trends that will be making their way to our stores pretty soon.


The Top 5 Spring Trends

1. All about that pink…

Girly girls all over are celebrating! This season you can and must wear pink from head to toe. Why? Because it’s pretty and it’s fabulous and it’s fashionable.

I’m wearing off-the-shoulder dress from Contempo Shop.

2. Tiny handbags

This trend is incredibly unpractical. Tiny handbags are for lack of a better word tiny, but if you look closely you will see them everywhere.

Judging by the look on Kourtney Kardashian (and her daughter’s) face, definitely not mom-friendly.

I think I will just stick to my pretty and comfy handbag from FourTimesThree.

ps: Use PRETTYBELLE20 to receive 20% discount on any bag!

3. Mid Heels

Fashion is getting practical! Yay! No more toppling over on skyscraper heels – stock up on mid heel shoes.

Comfy and pretty! I’m loving these ones from Cotton On.

4. The last straw!

Whether it’s a straw bag or straw hat, if it’s made of straw you’re above the law (See what I did there)?

Minki is right on trend with her straw hat from Claire’s South Africa!

5. Walking on sunshine

This spring you will see yellow everywhere. Get into that spring vibe with a pop of yellow.

Ps: Find the right shade of yellow for your skin tone and you will look fab, not drab!

I love this mustard dress from YDE!

Or add a pop of yellow with these high waisted shorts from Poetry.

And that’s all folks! Keep an eye on these trends and you will be looking pretty as a button.

Find your perfect jumpsuit style right here!

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