Joining a Mom and Baby Class was the best thing I ever did. Wait, let me rephrase joining Pienkvoet-Pret changed my life. Here’s why every Mama should join Pienkvoet-Pret.

“I’m 31, I just had a baby and I’m not interested in making new friends.”

That was my rather abrupt answer to my just-trying-to-help mother, innocently suggesting a Mom- and Baby class.

In my defence. I just had a baby. I was breastfeeding 24 hours a day. One boob was definitely bigger than the other. I felt overwhelmed and fat. Would you want to be friends with me?

But as it turns out Moms actually do know best.

Pienkvoet-Pret was apparently the go to group in Nelspruit. Quite reluctantly I phoned the franchise owner in Nelspruit and just when I was about the put down the phone, she picked up. Damn, so close!

So I went to my first Mommy- and Baby Class. Already decided that I will go once or twice and then never look back. Walking in (late as always), we were greeted by friendly faces and cute little babies. And you know the best part?

They all looked like me (The moms, not the babies)!

Tired, overwhelmed and desperately trying to control their little human.

And just like that I found my tribe. Thanks Mom!

Joining a Mommy- and Baby Class was the best thing I ever did. Wait, let me rephrase: Joining Pienkvoet-Pret changed my life. Here’s why every Mama should join Pienkvoet-Pret.


Why we LOVE Pienkvoet-Pret


You are surrounded by like minded people: Sleep deprived moms, who are also irritated with their husband superpower ability to sleep through the night.

Quality time

You get to spend quality time with baby. No radio, TV or quickly glancing at Facebook. Just you and baby – bonding, learning and having a good time.

Educational value

Lets admit it, no Mama would mind a little Einstein in the house. Pienkvoet-Pret is an educational program designed to develop and stimulate all baby’s senses.

There are 4 groups starting from 3 months to ensure baby reach age appropriate milestones.

It’s presented by a loving franchise owner (Maritza is a qualified teacher, so yay for Nelspruit Mama’s)! Each activity is planned and aimed at developing different skills.


Some of the skills covered

Fine- and Gross Motor Skills

Balancing beanbags, maneuvering small objects through holes and free play (inside and outside) develops fine- and gross motor skills, while having fun.

Sensory Development

Touch! Feel! Gross! This is all about discovering different textures.

Music and Movement

Yes, you too Mama! Get up and shake that booty – with baby of course!


Reading from a young age holds the key to kiddo’s academic future. Read my blog about The Importance of Reading here.

Free play (inside and outside)

Yes, it’s the perfect time for Mom to have a much needed coffee break, but it’s one of the best ways to stimulate development.

Benjamin Franklin said:

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Through play your baby/toddler will develop new skills, explore their imagination as well as learn to relate to others.

Free advice

Say goodbye to Dr. Google! You get trusted advice from Moms (And granny’s), who have been there and done that. From teething issues to tantrums. They’ve got you covered.

Pienkvoet-Pret offers Nanny- and First Aid Courses throughout the year.


So by now you know I love photos. I’ve got 35 860 on my I Phone. That being said. After another funfilled class, you get the cutest photos of you and baby, learning and bonding. Photo credit goes to Maritza, for all the lovely moments she captures during class.

Memories that will last a lifetime.

Good coffee

After an hour long class you get to go outside (there’s a lovely enclosed play area) and drink… wait for it warm coffee! The best part? Kiddo can play with her new friends, practicing her social skills, while you chat with your new friends.

I’m telling you guys, this play area was my little piece of heaven. I could literally just sit down, drink warm coffee, and talk to friends, while Minki is playing her heart out. We often overstayed our welcome, because well it was just so much fun.

Friends forever

I know it’s a cliche and something you say to your Grade 7 buddy. So bear with me!

I found my best friends in that class.

Walking in that first day I did not anticipate making any friends, but it was a very unexpected safe zone.

No judgement, Just a bunch of Mammas, Just like me.

Pick up the phone and attend a Pienkvoet-Pret class today.

Psst: The first class is free and English Mama’s are welcome!

For more info or to find a class near you head over to their website.

Contact Maritza to book your free class today: 072 145 4350

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