“You are not going to school in your bunny nightgown!”

They say motherhood is a rewarding experience. To be honest some days I don’t feel like I’m getting any rewards. One reward of motherhood was putting together outfits for Minki. But now she’s laying down the law regarding her clothing choices. She’s no longer granting me that one teeny tiny little favor.

She decides what she wants to wear. And she decides if and when I can comb her hair.

And you know what? It’s killing me! All my perfectly planned outfits just lying there. Not to mention the pretty hair accessories. Oversized bows, florals headbands… while I’m writing I’m crying on the inside.

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So I did what any respectable Mom would do. I hit Google for a solution. And according to Parents.com congratulations are in order. Why?

Alanna Levine, M.D and a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Pediatrics says: It’s a sign that she’s growing up.” “Pre-schoolers are also at a stage where they’re trying to assert their independence and test limits,” “Getting dressed provides an opportunity to put both things into practice.”

Okay, that’s great and thank you. But how on earth do people get to school on time? Every morning is a showdown and quite frankly, I’m tired of losing.


So I started researching the topic and here’s the top tips (According to the experts).

Let them choose

Provide choices. You still get to pick her outfits (just make sure to pick two outfits that you love) and she gets to choose one of the two.


Let them chill

Ah, the wonderful winter coat struggle. You know it’s freezing outside + Kiddo is not cold inside = winter coat struggle. Solution: Take kiddos jacket with you and go. If she’s cold, she will ask for her jacket, before she’s frozen. Lesson learned.

Next time remind her gently how cold it was.


Let them look

Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., co-author of Positive Discipline for Preschoolers says kids this age love looking at photos of themselves. Create a step by step picture guide of morning activities. Photos where kiddo wakes up, brush her teeth, eat porridge, and get dressed.

Then the chart is in control (and the bad cop), not you!

Let them dress themselves

Obviously kiddo does not have the same urgency to get out of the front door and would much rather watch Lollos for the 42nd time. But plan ahead because not only is it helpful when a child can dress him or herself, but it’s also beneficial to kiddo in many ways.

They work on building up strength, range of motion, coordination, memory, sequencing, spatial awareness, and body awareness, as well as learn how to complete a daily activity that is important and meaningful to them. Sorry, that was teacher talk. But you get the idea?

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Oh no! I’m going to start crying again just thinking about it…

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Stay Stylish
Helene (& Minki)

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