Some people might say I’ve got a little bit of a shoe-obsession…Yes, I might have used our linen cupboard for extra shoe storage space and I might or might not have moved some of hubby’s clothes to get a little bit of extra space for my shoes (They are also entitled to personal space, right)? And lastly I might have asked him to build me another shoe rack last week…

But that’s quite normal, isn’t it?

Hi, I’m Helene and I’m a Shoe-Addict. They say the first step to recovering is to admit you have a problem. Okay, I admit I may be a shoe-aholic and I’m totally aware of the problem. It’s just shoes make me so damn happy!

I was forced by hubby to get rid of some of my shoes, because (according to him), you only need 5 pairs to get through winter.


1. The White Sneaker

We all know the athleisure trend (sports, luxe, super cool look). If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, shame on you! What I love most about this trend is that it’s now considered high fashion to wear sneakers with pretty much everything.

1.1 Put a sporty twist on a feminine look:


Velvet Slip Dress + Denim Jacket + Sneakers

1.2. Go all out classic:


Skinny jeans + Jersey + Sneakers.

1.3. My favourite way for winter:


Frayed Blue Jeans + Trench coat + White Sneakers

2. The Ankle Boot

Every winter I search for the perfect ankle boot (and cheesecake). One that hits my ankle in the right spot, make my legs look way slimmer than they actually are. Is that too much to ask?

2.1. Make a summery dress fall ready:


Summer Dress + Cardigan + Ankle Boots

2.2. Go a little bit bohemian:


Skinny jeans + Kimono + Ankle Boots

2.3. Be the Coolest Mom on the block:


Skater skirt + Tights + Sweater + Ankle boots

3.The Coloured Boot

Do not let the cold get to your wardrobe! Kick the cold in the butt with a pop of colour on your feet. My colour pick for winter is red.


3.1. Break up an all black ensemble with colourful boots:


Black jeans + Black Jacket + Black Scarf + Red Boots

3.2. Match your red boots with a floral dress:


Floral dress + Tights + Red Boots

3.3. Winter is not complete without a flannel shirt:


Flannel Shirt + Jeans + Red Boots

4. The Mom Shoe

Moms are always running even when we are NOT at the gym! That does NOT mean you have to sacrifice style and buy Crocs! At Superbalist there is over 220 flat styles to choose from!


5. The Mini-me shoe

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Stay Stylish
Helene (& Minki)

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