Wanna know why you need H2O?

H2O can make you less busy. Don’t you just hate it when people tell you how busy they are. I use to think… Stop telling me how busy you are and start doing something (about it). According to a recent study in Men’s Health magazine, a lot of us are saying the dreaded words: “I’m busy.” The study found that we now use it to determine status. The busier you are, the more important and powerful you must be.

In my mind: If you are so busy, how come you have the time to tell people how busy you are?

But lately I’ve become one of those “busy” people… It just seems like I’m always a little bit behind. I’m late for school, late for gym, late for deadlines, late for a much needed coffee date with the girls. Always running, always busy, always trying to catch up. Can you relate?

I definitely do not have the time (see I’m one of those people) busy busy busy! To stop and think about important stuff like:

What is in our tap water?

Okay, shoot me now, but I’m also one of those people who just choose to ignore all the bad press about tap water and still drink it.


But recently things got a little bit hectic… There was an official media statement issued by the Health Department “investigating two deaths suspected to have been caused by diarrhoea outbreak.” The public is adviced to boil drinking water before use and purify water…” And let me just warn you in advance: Do not google tap water – it’s scary.

In-between my busy day I considered my options:


• Buy bottled water (I paid R17 at the gym the other day, then I rather buy a cappuccino)

• Buy those huge water bottles, but then I have to pick up the heavy bottle, carry it upstairs, fill up the little water bottles and worst off all, repeat the above exercise once a week. Eish!

• Or… I can just keep on drinking tap water and risk my life; Not to mention the health of my beloved family.

If you think adult diarrhoea is bad… try having a baby + diarrhoea = not fun. No really…


Talking to a friend (she could barely hide her disgust at my guilty admission of still drinking tap water), she told me about:

H2O International: You basically have purified water at your fingertips.

They have got personal dispensers that are discreet and ideal for small spaces. You just plug it in and you have chilled (or hot) water instantly available. Talk about convenience!

Our cooler is standing next to the fridge and now I provide my family with chilled, great tasting water for only R13 a day.

I’m not great at maths, so hubby did the maths (R390 per month = R13 per day).

The best part? Each of these water dispensers uses a 5 gallon replaceable or refillable water bottle and you get 4 water bottles per month (included in the price). When it’s finished you just call or email H2O and they deliver a new one.

No more struggling up and down the stairs, falling over your feet, filling up copious amounts of plastic water bottles.

Minki loves filling her school water bottle, which means she drinks more water, which means I’m a good, no scratch that, great Mom!

And I get to drink warm coffee (say what)!? Whenever I want! And yes Mom, it even comes with a hot water safety tap, to keep the little ones safe.

I wanna know more about H2O! 


H2O has a special offer for all PrettyBelle readers:


*They will install a water cooler in your home for 1 week (FREE OF CHARGE)
**That’s purified, cold (or hot) water at your fingertips for FREE. (After one week, you can sign the contract or just let it go).
***They also have purchase options on water coolers and purifiers.


Give them a call!

013 752 4228 / Ignatius 084 5777 811 / Amelda 083 555 8777

E-mail: ig@h2ompu.co.za / amelda@h2ompu.co.za for more info.


You can WIN!


1 Lucky PrettyBelle reader can WIN a 1 MONTH FREE USAGE from H2O

That’s purified, cold (or hot) water at your fingertips for FREE. (After one month, you can renew the contract or just let it go).

Wanna enter?

  1. Like the H2O post on our Facebook page.
  2. Follow PrettyBelle and H2O on Facebook.
  3. Tag a friend that would love purified water (Nelspruit & White River Area Only)
  4. Tag as much friends as you like, each in a seperate comment – 1 comment + tag = 1 entry
  5. Comment and tell us: Why you need an H2O water cooler in your house?


T’s & C’s apply
Competition is only valid for Nelspruit/White River residents.
The water cooler will be installed for the period of 1 month (including 4 water bottles).
Competition close on 16 August 2018.
Winner will be announced on 17 August 2018.

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