Have you seen this toy? If you’ve been living under a pile of diapers and wet wipes the past week, let me fill you in on some social media news…

A Funny (quite ugly) looking toy went viral after a mum praised the toy on Facebook. The Non-Adventures Of a Stay At Home Mum shared a heartfelt post of this new toy from South African Company Prima Toys and since had 145k shares. And counting…

So in a world overflowing with shiny toys what was it that made people fell in love with this (ugly) little fur ball?

What is it about this toy?

Parents loved the idea behind the scruffy little fellow known as the Scruff-A-Luv toy.

Still a little bit confused? It’s simple: The toys come as balls of matted fur (looking quite sad), but once washed, brushed and of course the magic formula (love) turns into beautiful fluffy animals. See for yourself…

Hence the tagline: Find us scruffy, make us fluffy (so catchy right)!?

Kiddo gets to rescue a puppy, bunny or kitten. Why is this so great? It raise awareness for rescue animals and teach our children to “adopt not shop.”

BUT what I love most about this toy is the fact that it teach kiddo (through play) that all we really NEED is LOVE.

A Little TLC can go a long way and to be kind and caring is values that I want my daughter to have. I’m a firm believer that kids learn through play and this is such a fun way to teach them important, fundamental values.

Do you remember that hit-song from The Black Eyed Peas going something like this?

“People got me, got me questioning: Where is the love?”

Lets bring back the LOVE (and teach our kids to LOVE, regardless the outside).

It’s the inside that counts, right?


I would love to hear your thoughts on this ground breaking toy? Do you love it? Will you buy it?

Stay Stylish
Helene (& Minki)

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