I’m seriously starting to doubt my motherhood skills. If I see one more Pinterest perfect picture of a white (white)?! house with beige accents, a supermodel mom and two angelic looking kids playing in a Stokke playpen I’m going to lose it…

Yes, I know I’m also one of those (who post everything online), but there’s a very good reason why most of our photos are taken outside (and it’s got nothing to do with the lighting).

The real reason: My house is in a constant state of terror.

We (used) to live in a nice house. Some would even say pretty, but lately it’s been transformed into one huge play area. The living room is constantly swamped, teddy bears, helicopters and random stuff spread all over. There’s even a swing for lack of a better word swinging from my (once) arty wooden ceiling. Trying to get to school (on time) every morning is like Survivor:

I dodge Lego blocks and Mega blocks (how painful is it when that block pierce through your foot)? watch out for clay (that’s already meshed into my once lovely carpet), trying to make my way to the kitchen for some much needed caffeine.



When I finally get to the kitchen I realised I don’t have a clue what to pack for Minki’s lunchbox. Images of alphabet shaped cucumbers and heart-shaped sandwiches floating past I silently swear: “Damn you Pinterest,” while I quickly grab a muffin and a banana. Sorry Minki, but that’s what you get today.




Just when I take a quick sip of my delicious coffee, Minki also somehow manages to made her way through the warzone saying in her most innocent voice: “Minki maak ‘n bollie.” Great! There goes my coffee.



On my way to change her diaper I realised that the diapers were finished. It was on my shopping list, but that didn’t happen. Oops! I did it again!



Yes! Found one random diaper in my backpack. Take that poo-fairy!

So I’m that Mom: The one that definitely does NOT have everything together.


Since becoming a Mom I’m in a constant state of panic. Trying to keep everyone happy and clean and on time is a constant struggle. No matter how hard I try our house is a mess. The diapers (and milk) are always finished and my coffee is constantly cold.

Obviously I’m not the perfect Mom, very far from it, but you know what?

I’m that Mom that loves being a Mom (Despite all the chaos)!

I’m that Mom who will leave everything (even my coffee) to blow bubbles (and then catch them)!

I’m that Mom who will grab my baby and dance with her on our once lovely carpet (stumping clay even further into the carpet (not caring at all) because we’re rocking out on our favourite song.

I’m that Mom who will climb through an obstacle course with her at the local play area, because she’s too scared to go on her own.

I’m that Mom who jumps out of bed at 01:15 in the morning when she’s afraid of the dark.

I’m that Mom who takes her for ice-cream when she fell on her nose at school.

I’m that Mom who does not care if she wipes her “snollies” on the sleeve of my brand new fashionable flare jersey.

I’m that Mom who will read 42 bedtime stories so she can drift off to sleep peacefully…

I’m that Mom who will do anything to make her laugh.

And will happily give my life to shield her from heartache and tears.

I might not be the Perfect Housewife, MasterChef or Wife.

I’m definitely not the Perfect Mom…

But damn it, I’m a REAL one!

I’m raising a happy, kind and confident human and that makes everything kinda PERFECT (even our messy house).

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