Some people wake up looking beautiful. You know the dreaded line: “I woke up like this…”

Unfortunately we are not all fortunate enough to wake up looking like Gigi Hadid. If you are anything like me you stumble out of bed, wipe your eyes, therefore smudging some leftover mascara creating the opposite of sexy smudgy eyes. Hair going in four different directions and me heading in one direction only: To the kitchen. Coffee. Caffeiene. Now.

If you are not part of the fortunate “I woke up like this” selfie group then keep on reading…

Wait, I know what you’re thinking. How can you judge Helene? You, with your (mostly) pretty Facebook and Instagram pictures. Well here’s the truth:

I love fashion. Getting dressed every morning makes me happy. It’s a creative outlet for my crazy messed up brain. It’s almost like starting a new painting on a blank canvas. Not to mention when I dress up I get things done. Cliché but really! And just so you know: NONE of our photos are styled shoots. Mostly we are on our way to Spur, Splat or Spar and we capture these moments with me or hubby’s cell phone.

But we all know “getting ready” takes time. And raising a little human being takes a lot of that time. I did not want to become one of those Hannon Makeover contestants. Worn out, wrinkled, broken hair, broken spirit…

No, I refuse! So I made a plan. I found a way to quickly get dressed and look somewhat presentable (almost) every day.

Scroll down for my 5 quick fixes to look pretty Every. Single. Day.

1. Dry shampoo

This baby saves my life on a daily basis. I love Tresemme’s Dry Shampoo! Just spray it on and you have clean hair and volume. What more do you need?

WARNING: When you finally get to the hairdresser they might struggle to comb out a big knot (or two), but if you can survive the embarrassment, it’s all worth it.

2. Grandma’s curlers

What’s the first three things you will grab when your house is on fire? My answer: Minki, photo albums and my set of curlers. 😉

You know those perfect beachy waves that made Kloe Kardashian famous all over again? Well here’s the bad news: It takes forever! The good news: Good old fashioned curlers. I inherited these from my mom and it works like a charm. Quickly put them in (as you can see I’ve lost my clips along the way, but pegs will do just fine), make yourself a cup of coffee or tidy the house. Take them out and you have lovely bouncy curls.

3. B(r)ow down

Research has shown that next to your smile, eyebrows is the first thing people notice. A Quick tint and wax every 6 – 8 weeks will give you 10 extra minutes in the morning.

4. Just add lipstick

This is my ultimate go to trick. When you don’t have time for any of the above. Make a topknot (as high as you can) and swipe on some cherry red lipstick. No one will notice anything else. And you will feel like a superstar.

Ps: I love Estee Lauder’s lipstick. It glides on, it saturates your lips and it’s lightweight. I can keep going but then Estee (Lauder) is gonna have to start paying me… 😉

5. Be happy

Yes it’s (another) cliché, but it’s so true. When you are happy and comfortable in your own skin and clothes, you exudes confidence. Yes, #momlife is hard. No. let me rephrase that #momlife is unbelievably hard. But it’s also unbelievably wonderful.

Embrace motherhood, embrace your life. Every second, every minute counts.

Do not let life slide away while you are worrying about the stupid small stuff (lounging around in your yoga pants), thinking the world owes you something. Although some days it’s allowed! 

But for the most part: Get up, get dressed, look pretty, feel pretty and most of all be happy.

Stay Stylish and Swallow the sunshine!
Helene & MInki

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