One of my fondest childhood memories look a little bit like this…

All four of us sitting side by side in our blue kombi. Dressed warmly because in Ermelo (where I grew up) –3 degrees are considered normal. The kombi was filled with excitement because we were on our way to the local library. I still don’t know how my Mom did it. I mean just to get my one kid in the car is difficult. She got four of us in the car with utter determination and unknown skills.

Granted my little sister fell on her head once, just when we stopped at the library, but she turned out okay. 😉

Oh by the way that’s my mom (and dad) with their star child. 🙂

But here’s the thing, we were so little but we were excited. About books!? I still remember the smell of the library, the hush-hush atmosphere, and the colourful cushions where we can sit and read. We were allowed to pick two books each and what a great adventure to select our books for the week. I read about princes and princesses and a brave little lion. My favourite? Beauty and the Beast. Oh how I wanted to be Belle in that yellow ball gown…

(Un) fortunately technology came around and now it’s quite normal to see kids with their noses buried in I-pads rather than books. No judging here, I also hand Minki the I-pad when I really need a moment to regroup. But reading is not something that must be left behind. It is the key to your child academic future. Studies show that reading to babies and toddlers gives them a head start and helps to prepare them for school later down the line. Not to mention set them up for success later in life.


A love of reading is a stepping stone to becoming an enthusiastic learner and a confident reader, writer and speaker. With confidence and enthusiasm, children can enjoy a wonderful world of learning and exploration.

A Love of reading starts with one special story…

But trust me, I get it. That one little story is expensive. Just the other day I was walking in a bookstore (who shall not be named) and I almost collapsed when I saw the prizes for kids’ books. Then just before I waved goodbye to Cotton On Kids (and Forever New), I found out about the Disney Book Club. Phew!

How the Disney Book Club Works:

1. Membership is free, there are no fees to join. Try out the Book Club and receive your Welcome Pack with the free gifts.
2. If you are not delighted with the trial books, simply return them at your expense within 14 days without any further obligation.
3. If you choose to keep the two trial books, your child will become a member of the Disney Book Club and will receive two books every four weeks.

Yay! This way you can build your own library over time without going bankrupt.

Check out The Disney Book Club special offer!

Why subscribe to The Disney Book Club?

1. Quality guaranteed!
2. It’s just so convenient!
3. It’s affordable!
4. It’s an investment in kiddo’s future.

Visit their website to find out more about the club…

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