“How on earth do you still get her to look so darn cute?” Well here’s the truth… Minki is a 2 year old. a Very stubborn 2 year old (definitely inherited that trait from her father) 😉 and I’m really hoping this terrible two’s phase is really just a phase because if she does not want to do something it’s pretty much not going to happen.

Needless to say that my perfectly planned colour coordinating outfits have not been getting much attention lately. a Little lady decides what she wants to put on and even worse: She decides if she’ll let you do her hair, wash her face, and wipe the snot from her face. Meaning: Some days she looks like a (dirty) hooligan (without a shirt)!

For those of you who want your stubborn two year old to still look somewhat cute… Scroll down cause I’m sharing my cheat list right here on the blog.

The problem: Dirty harry (I mean hair)!


Okay, this is a big one in our house. Minki does not like to wash her hair and therefore this Mama sometimes skip a day, just to skip all the tears that goes with the so-called tear-free shampoo.


The result:

The solution:

This straw hat from Claire’s literally saved us on countless occasions. Just by putting it on your tot will look like a mini-fashionista and the best part? No one will know what lies beneath…

Minki started wearing it when she was around 9 months old. It’s great for the no-hair-is-it-a-boy-or-a-girl phase. No need to revert to extremes like fake baby bangs! FYI: Nr. 4 on The 10 Weirdest Baby Products Ever List you can see right here.

The problem: What’s s(not) to like?

How I long for those snot free days. Minki’s nose is constantly running and she insists on wiping it herself. When I get near her with a tissue she screams and run away. S(not) fun.

The result:

The solution:

Insert a really BIG bow. I’m telling you. This bow is so big and beautiful, no one will even look down to your toddlers snotty (and I mean this in the best way) face.
Insert a really BIG bow. I’m telling you. This bow is so big and beautiful, no one will even look down to your toddlers snotty (and I mean this in the best way) face.

The problem: Hate the hairdresser

No amount of blueberry muffins or cheese curls can convince her to get in that chair!


The result:

The solution:

Make a fashion statement and put in a lot of pretty hairclips. How cute are these heart-shaped clips from Claire’s South Africa. Fashion and function rolled into one.

The problem: Overall dirt

Okay, so kids are messy. And they are supposed to be (I ‘m a firm believer that kids learn through play). So a lot of times Minki will be covered in a layer of dirt. Especially in the face area (wiping snot with her elbow leads to brown patches on her cheeks, baking mud cookies and playing with Luca).

The solution:

You might think these sunglasses only covers the eye-area, but think again. These sunnies give instant street cred and trust me nobody notice anything else. People are blinded by the hearts and immediately see everything through rose-coloured tinted lenses.

Ps: It’s the picture perfect accessory!

So what’s the big secret to making your toddler look really cute?

Claire’s accessories!

Maybe it’s because it’s so pretty? Or just really comfy? Maybe it’s because she knows she’s too cool for school with these accessories. I don’t know! But I do know that Minki loves wearing her Claire’s accessories and that makes me happy because getting dressed might still be a daily struggle…

But putting on accessories is a breeze AND she looks cute!

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