According to Vogue and PrettyBelle one of the top trends for winter is: Pink! Yay for girly, fabulous, ice-cream and unicorn pink! If you are NOT a pink-lover keep reading, you will be pleasantly surprised…

The great thing about pink is that you can totally mix and matchm KEEDO’S WINTER COLLECTION to create 12 fashion forward looks for your mini-fashionista.

Let’s Do Some Fashion Maths:

6 Items = 12 Outfits!!!

If you are also currently freezing your credit cards (and by freezing I mean it’s frozen in an iceblock, thanks Hubby)! This is the perfect solution.

Oh but Why?

Most of the items are on SALE RIGHT NOW (Unfreeze that credit card quickly and click)!

Meet the Items:

Add some Accessories

Accessories are a fun and affordable way to swoosh up any outfit: Tights, Kitty-headband, The Kitty Socks and Shoes. Use what you have or get to KEEDO!

Look 1: Long Sleeve T-Shirt + The Leah Skirt

Perfect for those in-between days, when you don’t know what to wear.

Look 2: Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Leah Skirt + Tights

Relax and keep warm, just add tights. Minki is wearing The Minky T, Leah Skirt and White Tights.

Look 3: Long Sleeve T + Leah Skirt + Fur Gillet + Tights

The thing I love about KEEDO is that it’s so comfy. Kiddo can go from catalogue ready to playing in style.

Ps: If the weather allows it go barefoot. According to experts barefoot is best for kiddo.

Look 5: Jumpsuit + Fur Jacket

Just add fur for a fun and fabulous look. This fur jacket ties under both arms and is super warm and soft. Not to mention stylish! Warning: You will want to hug her all day long!


Look 6: Sweater + Puffy Skirt

Hit the athleisure trend running in this navy sweater top paired with an over-the-top puffy skirt. Minki can’t stop twirling and running in hers. Psst: Navy matches perfectly with pink and did you know that WOW turned upside down spells MOM? The kitty-headband makes this outfit picture perfect.


Look 7: Long Sleeve T + Puffy Skirt + Tights

Again, switch it up with one quick change. Put on the always-be-kind long sleeve T-shirt and make sure to tuck it into the puffy dress for extra cuteness! Add some tights and boots for the perfect winter ensemble.

Still want more?

Stop what you are doing, head out to your nearest chain store and buy a pair of jeggings and some tights (preferably navy or white).

Okay, now you can pair your unique KEEDO items with everyday items to create 4 more showstopper looks.

Look 8: Navy Sweater + Jegging + Boots

Look 9: Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Jegging + Boots

Look 10: Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Jegging + Fur Coat + Boots

And my ultimate favourite? The Pull-Up Kitty socks! Adorable right?


Look 11: Tights + Kitty Pull Up Socks


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Stay Stylish
Helene & Minki

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