1. Pretty coffee mug


But first coffee… The only thing better than caffeine, drinking it in a PRETTY CUP on the go!

 You can find my floral on-to-go coffee mug here:

 R149,99 – Available in 6 different colours.


2. Cotton On Sale

 Four letters that can bring sooo much happiness!


Cotton On gym pants



These high-waisted gym pants will change your life. It instantly lifts and flatten your tummy – who wouldn’t want that?


I will pay R500 with a smile BUT you can buy this pretty floral pair for R250!!!


Cotton On pyjamas



What’s better than a jumpsuit? a Jumpsuit that’s pyjamas!!!




WAS: R399 NOW: R200


3. Bye bye diapers!

 These panties will make me start potty training Minki TODAY!



Only R90!?!




 4. Maybelline foam concealer



Literally light as foam and you get that J-Lo glow!


Available at Zando for R189.




5. Hi Mama app



Minki’s AwEsOmE school introduced this app to me: It’s like an online journal. An easy way to share children’s activities and milestones.


You get daily updates about kiddos:


Naps, Meals, Bathroom, Mood and Activities.


+ a Super Cute Photo!



You can find out more about the app RIGHT HERE!



Aaaaw, only 5 FAB FINDS? I could go on For – Ever!


Bye Bye!

 Stay Stylish


 Helene (& Minki)

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