Keep that pinkie down, always put milk second, do not stuff your mouth and never wear jeans! PrettyBelle explains the rules for High Tea.

If you are a woman you probably have been to a high tea. Decadent snacks, a great excuse to dress up and wonderful company – that’s what most women want, right?

Needless to say that I was super excited to be invited to the Finesse Magazine High Tea this past weekend celebrating their 20th birthday!!! The invitation made me a little bit nervous because… what if I’m stirring my tea the wrong way or worse was totally underdressed???

And what does high tea actually mean?

I can bore you with the historical facts, there’s a difference between afternoon – and high tea blah blah blah but basically High Tea is a social event – an occasion where you can pull out all the stops or attend with more low-key outfits. Obviously I’m going for Option Nr 1!

I mean it’s not every day you attend a function alongside Dr. Tertius Jonker, Pippa Malherbe, Lindie Strydom and Izelle Hoffman (to name a few)!

I was in a bit of a pickle and I was really stressed out! So I decided to give you lovely ladies some guidelines for your future high teas…



Do opt for a floral dress

If it’s getting colder look out for a dress with long sleeves, this way you don’t have to cover up your beautiful dress with a coat!

I’m wearing printed asymetric dress from Forever New.

Do keep it ladylike and simple


Not a fan of florals? That’s okay! Look for dresses that are ladylike and makes you feel refined. Cinched waists and skirts that flare are great options.

Do remember colour is key


Try to stay away from black and navy. You can’t go wrong with a pale blue, pink or any pastel colour for that matter.

Do know that accessories can make or break your outfit


I just love accessories as it’s the easiest (and most affordable) way to change your outfit! The Finesse invite specifically stated to wear a hat.

How pretty is this pearly headpiece from Lovisa?

Vintage cluster pearl earrings add the final touch.

TIP: If you’re not a hat person, take a look at Lovisa headgear. Floral crowns, big bows and petite hairbands – find the one that you are comfortable in!

Do choose your shoes carefully


Skip your sneakers for this event! Rather opt for kitten heels or pretty pumps. I’m wearing pretty pumps from Forever New.

Do you


This seems contradictory because high tea just sounds like an uncomfortable affair? But it shouldn’t be!

Choose a dress that fits your body shape (you don’t want to tug at your too short skirt or show the ladies a little bit too much of your ladies when reaching for a scone)!

Also there’s nothing worse than trying to keep the conversation going when your oversize rose crown keeps falling down (been there, done that)!



Do not come full or starving

You do not want to be that lady stuffing her face with the decadent snacks! Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast so that you can enjoy the snacks – in a ladylike way!

Keep that pinkie down!

According to the tea experts at afternoon there’s a common misconception that outstretching ones little finger aids the balance of the cup when taking a sip of tea; this is almost certainly not the case and is not only pointless but slightly silly. I wouldn’t recommend grasping the cup in the palm of your hand but there is no need to stick a pinkie out, it’s one of Afternoon Teas most common faux pas.

Do not dunk biscuits into your tea

There is not much to say on this matter, other than a very stern and finger wagging no! This is not your couch and you are not busy watching Binnelanders dunking Ouma beskuit. Enjoy this in the privacy of your own home!

Do not wear jeans

I know this is a go-to look but NOT in this case. If the invite says tea (high tea or afternoon tea) it basically says: NO DENIM ALLOWED.

Which came first?


Tea connoisseurs are still debating this very important issue! ????

Which come first? The tea or the milk???

Quite frankly I don’t care. And neither should you!

Although etiquette expert William Hansen says always put milk in second!

I say: Chill! Although the above are important guidelines the most important part is that you feel pretty and confident. Relax and enjoy the event! Even if you are stirring your tea in circular motions!



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Need I say more?

Stay Stylish (and stir your tea in back and forth motions)!


Helene (& Minki)

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