When I saw this photo of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge,
in her red Jenny Packham dress, strutting down the hospital stairs in a pair of nude suede pumps from Gianvito Rossi –

(which FYI are still available to buy for 675$)!

I experienced a lot of emotions.

The duchess, who gave birth Monday morning, emerged from St. Mary’s Hospital alongside her husband, holding the little prince wrapped in a white blanket.

Here’s the shocking part …

7 hours after giving birth!!!

7? Hours? Not 7 days? Or even 7 weeks?

What just happened? I was left confused and a little bit sad.

Because my birth story goes and LOOK a little bit,

no actually a whole lot different…


So, we all know the Princess suffers from Hyperemesis Graviderum

(for those of you who don’t know – count your blessings)!

Its basically acute morning sickness in other words extreme nausea + constant vomiting throughout your pregnancy.

Okay, so here I can fully relate!

I was diagnosed with HG early on, was admitted several times and

as soon as the drip was unplugged, I started throwing up AGAIN.




Princess Kate “doing well” according to her spokesperson.

and resuming her duties…


Definitely NOT resuming my duties anytime soon…


Maybe we did not suffer from exactly the same condition???


The Birth Announcement

While still recovering in hospital

(and taking advantage of the nightshift nurses looking after Minki),

I posted a cute “Hello World” photo on Facebook.

I happen to think this was adorable!

Untill I saw this…

As has been the custom since the middle of the 19th century, the official birth announcement was placed on an ornate easel outside Buckingham Palace shortly after the new prince came into the world on Monday.

In a far-less time-honored tradition, however, his birth was first announced by the duke and duchess’s official residence, Kensington Palace, via Twitter.

No Facebook for the royals thank you very much!


Going Home…

I dreaded this moment…

How am I going to change a diaper without the help of the friendly nurse?

How am I going to shower, let alone take care of this little tiny bundle,

Shuffling to the toilet like a 100 year old lady…

Somehow I got up, get dressed (in my biggest Cotton On shirt)!

My stylish going home dress remained neatly folded in my bag as I pulled on my maternity jeans.

Super sad but I’m just telling the truth here.

Don’t judge BUT I’m pretty sure I was wearing my slippers.

Because it was difficult to walk and it’s comfy and I just had a major operation all right?!

The Hair…

I opt for the trusted topknot (and yes I washed my hair 3 days ago),

so it truly was a messy bun and top knot rolled into one.


Now here’s what killed me…

As I pulled my maternity jeans over my flabby tummy –

Princess Kate was putting on a raspberry red shift dress from Jenny Packham.


You wear red when you feel confident and beautiful.

Definitely NOT when you just had a baby.

(John Stillwell/Pool photo via AP)


And not just any dress,

a dress that had a clear reference to the beloved Princess of hearts,

when she had her 2nd baby.

She strutted down those stairs in HEELS?

Not slippers, not sneakers, not even a wedge –

Heels people!?!

And That hair? I mean it looked like she was coming straight from Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser?



(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)


For me the first few hours was a blur…

I was in pain, in awe and tried to breastfeed and remain calm.

For Princess Kate it was probably an hour with her stylist, another hour with a makeup artist, another hour with hairstylist… The list goes on.

Natasha Archer, Kate’s stylist, was spotted by the media mob outside the hospital just before Kate came out.

Amanda Cook Tucker, her personal hairdresser, was seen leaving the hospital, having been on hand to blow out her lustrous locks.

Few women go to the hospital to give birth accompanied by a personal assistant, stylist and hairdresser, ready with the right clothes, brushes and makeup to render them camera-ready.





Then I looked a little bit closer and I saw her tired eyes.

The first sign that she actually did give birth just 7 hours ago.

Suddenly I didn’t feel so bad anymore.


I may not have looked like a Princess walking down the hospital corridor.

I may not have washed my hair for 3 days…

I may not have been wearing a fabulous designer dress

I may/or may not have been wearing slippers…


I got to spend 7+ hours with my precious new born.

7+ Hours where it was just me and her…

How on earth can hair, make-up and a designer dress compete with the overwhelming feeling of love and bonding?

Yes I’ll be the first to admit:

I’m a little jealous of the Princess

(For obvious reasons),

but I also feel a little bit sorry for her.

Imagine being bombarded by paparazzi 7 hours after giving birth,

putting on a brave smile (and heels)!

And know you are being scrutinized by the world???

I would NOT cope.

Rather give me my Cotton On Shirt,

Maternity jeans,

Slippers &

a Messy Bun


Unlimited Time To Experience The

True Miracle.

Ps: I still love you Princess Kate and think you are fabulous!


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