Is it just me or is everyone having a baby these days? According to a recent study one of the top mistakes new parents make is…BUYING TOO MUCH (OOPS)!

We know babies need lots of stuff, but there’s the WEIRD stuff … See my blog about THE TOP 10 WEIRDEST BABY PRODUCTS HERE…

and then there’s the GOOD stuff.

Do NOT be that person – hugging yourself in a corner in Baby City – going crazy between all the “My baby needs this NOW but my credit cards are ALL maxed out.” Slowly unhug yourself and follow our list…

20 Baby Products We Cannot Live Without:


20. Braun Ear Thermometer

Baby feels warm… But maybe it’s just from sleeping. Is she sick? Does she have a fever? New Mamas stress about everything! Now you will have 1 less thing to worry about.

19. Hooded Towels

Minki just turned 2 and we’re still using ours! This is perfect to keep baby dry and warm. Buy a basic one at Woolworths or Ackermans or go the designer route with this cute elephant one from Gypsy Girl.

18. Fissan Bud Cream

Soft as a mothers touch… Just joking! BUTT (pun intended) brandboudjies is NOT a myth and is no fun for Mama and Baba.

17. Pampers

Pretty much any disposable diaper will do it for me! Sorry Mother Nature!


Good old Purity! I know there’s loaaaads of tasty yummy home made foods out there but for some reason Minki loves Purity. Especially this nifty invention…It saved us on countless road trips. Yum Yum! ????

15. Ewan The Dream Sheep

You are going to lose a LOT OF sleep BUT according to a LOT of Mamas this sheep really works! Bring on the sleep sheep!

14. a Wrap

The Noonoo Pie Tie is a baby wrap carrier which is made of a long piece of soft, comfortable fabric. You can see it here! Babywearing is scientifically proven and has loads of benefits!

13. Pacifiers

Have you ever stumbled around in baby’s room at 03:10? Looking for that damn dummy that just dissipated into thin air???

Just follow the light…We love The Nuk Glow in the Dark Dummy!!!

12. Muslim swaddles

These swaddles from Little Love are amazing: Lightweight, breathable, feather-soft and incredibly gentle on babies soft skin. Swaddle = Better sleep!

11. Annique Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Say goodbye to dry scalps! This 2-1 bodywash and shampoo is worth every cent!

10. Foldable Baby Bath

If you have a baby who hates to shower, this fold able silicone bath from Kids Emporium is a must-have. Fold able, compact and baby can take a bath anywhere!

9. Feeding Bra + Pigeon Breast Pads

Feeding bras are ugly. But take it from a Mama who has been breastfeeding for 13 months.These ones from Woolworths are as pretty as they get and super practical and comfy!

Paired with Pigeon breast pads (sexy I know), but again a must-have to avoid embarrassing leaks.

8. Babyvac a.k.a The Snotsucker

The name says it all! It’s kinda scary but it really works! Check it out here!

7. Shoo Shoos

Shoo Shoos are babies Forever New. Enough said.

6. Forever New

Okay, this one is for Mommy! Have you seen their coats?

5. Onesies

Look I’m all for fashion BUT you know that gorgeous outfits the ones you bought with all the buttons and cute little bows? Turns out babies poo – a lot! And if you have to unbutton 35 little buttons 8 times a day…That super cute outfit?

Not so cute anymore… I love Boody Baby onesies:

• extraordinarily soft
• eco-friendly
• hypoallergenic
• super breathable
• moisture-wicking & thermo-regulating

*Available at Dischem and selected pharmacies

4. Bashful Bunny

Those of you who are regular readers (We love you)! Will know that Minki goes nowhere without her favourite companion: “Hasie.”

3. Monitor Angel Care

You are not getting enough sleep as it is, so when baby is actually sleeping you are turning and tossing and jumping out of the bed faster than you can say Crouching Tiger! Sweet dreams…

2. Lansinoh Nipple cream

Just trust me on this one! Cracked, dry sore nipples = Lansinoh is a miracle worker!

1. Camping Cot

I was one of those Moms, staring longingly at all the fancy camping cots, with mobiles, a changing station and even one with a radio… But luckily my practical husband put his foot down and we settled for the basic:

Chelino Camp Cot: Best price AND best buy ever.

Okay, there’s probably a 1000 products baby need and that you love! Take a look and tell me what is missing!

I would loooove to hear your thoughts and maybe we can help a few Mama’s…

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Stay Stylish


Helene (& Minki)

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