Men’s wedding attire is an age-old problem – and it’s mostly your responsibility to make sure your man is dressed appropriately. If you are attending a wedding you want to do it in style. Yes, all eyes are gonna be on the bride and of course you are going to look fab, because you’ve read my previous blog (she said yes), BUT if your man looks dashing you’ve hit the fashion-jackpot.

Here are 3 things that your guy MUST put on regardless what the invitation is saying:

1. a Suit.

2. a Dress-shirt
3. The right attitude.

1. Suit up!
a Well-fitted suit is foolproof. Remember that you can never be overdressed. Rather always be overdressed than under dressed. Like your mom use to say “better safe than sorry.” If you get to the wedding and you’re the only one there wearing a tie, you can always take it off, throw your jacket over a chair and be comfortable but still stylish.

2. Dress-up!
Whether you go for the classic white shirt or something more edgy, a dress-shirt is a must. Depending on the season (and the dress code) you can roll your sleeves up, or down for a stylish look.

3. Smile!
Yes, it’s a celebration and you should have fun and rejoice BUT remember to still honor and respect the family, bride and groom.

Here I styled my little brother (who also just happened to be the groom). He is doing something different and wearing a classic streamlined slim-fit suit, but in olive-green. Because of the statement colour of the suit we kept his tie and shoes simple in classic black. The suit fits him like a glove and the green colour complements his darker skintone and blue eyes.

Remember – if you’re wearing a suit in a statement colour keep everything else simple!

Here my dad is showing that no matter your age you can still look dashing. My dad is looking like George Clooney in his streamlined slim-fit grey suit – it pairs perfectly with his plaid tie. The neutral colour of this suit lends itself to a statement accessory. The plaid tie immediately updates his suit and gives it a fashion-forward look.

Remember – no closet is complete without a grey suit! It mix and match perfectly with a black suit as well.

Last but not least – if the invitation says CASUAL it does not mean jeans, shorts and flipflops!

Yes, it’s definitely your ticket to freedom to ditch your tie and roll up your sleeves, but that’s all “casual” means.

With these top style tips your man will be looking dashing at your next wedding regardless if the invitation says casual, formal or semi-formal. And remember…

a good suit is worth a little bit of a splurge – you’re going to save money in the long run.

Stay stylish at your next wedding!

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