Just to be clear. Not all of the below happened to me.

Unfortunately some of it did (but I don’t have to tell you which ones). The other symptoms were compiled from personal experience, awesome Mama friends (who will not be named), lots of research and of course SCIENCE.

We all know our bodies change during pregnancy…

There’s the growing bump and for a few lucky ones luscious hair and that overall glow! But what happens to our bodies after giving birth?


10 Weird things that happen to your body when you’ve had a baby:


1. Your feet will get bigger

Hello Bigfoot! During pregnancy my once size 6 feet grew to a huuuuge size 8! Afterwards my one foot went straight back to size 6 and lets just say poor leftie is now a size 7…

Which poses quite a problem for shoe shopping!

On the bright side:

It’s a great excuse for a new shoe-drobe!

2. Your tummy will always be a little bit flabby

Maybe its luck, maybe it’s genes but that flabby-tummy-after-getting-a-caesarean is real! You can do more sit-ups than Kayla Itsines but your mommy pouch. Will. Stay. Put.

On the bright side:

You can hide your pouch with the right clothes and we all know men don’t really look at the “pouch” when it’s sexy time… ????

3. You will never want to have sex again

Your body has been through a lot and not wanting sex is quite normal. Most doctors recommend waiting four to six weeks before slipping between the sheets.

What nobody tell you is how much sex will hurt in the beginning. 

That’s because estrogen levels drop postpartum, causing vaginal dryness that makes sex painful. Breastfeeding also keeps estrogen levels low.

On the bright side:

Estrogen levels will eventually go back to normal. In the meantime, take it slow and use a really good lubricant.

4. Or you will make Christian Grey blush…

Blame it on the hormones, but according to research some woman wants sex all the time. Something about being more in touch with their body.

On the bright side:

Hubby will be very very happy!

5. You will soak your sheets even though you are NOT having sex.

New mommies sweat a lot. That’s because our bodies need to get rid of the extra fluid and the hormones are trying to regulate and get back to a normal state.

Pile on the MITCHUM and SHIELD roll-ons!

You will now not only be accompanied by a little human, but also a weird smell.

On the bright side:

Sweat is just fat crying (thanks Virgin Active)!

6. Going to the loo will be painful

As Chrissy Teigen revealed to her fans on Twitter, peeing after having a vaginal birth is not fun. Ready for more good news? You will lose (some) bladder control.

Kegel excercises are great but you will have to go to the loo more often than ever before.

7. There will be lots of bleeding

One of the bonuses of pregnancy is not having periods. But what happens after that 9 months? You get all nine you missed at once!

On the bright side:

You had your 9 months – so deal with it!

8. Your hair might fall out…

Oh, that luscious Pantene-hair you had during pregnancy. It’s not yours. It was on loan. And the hair gods are taking it back. 

People typically shed about 100 hairs per day on average. Once estrogen drops after pregnancy, the growth stages begin to lessen. Women lose the hair they didn’t shed during pregnancy and that continues over the next six months.

On the bright side:

You are probably gonna wear your hair in a topknot for the next 6 years and you won’t go bald!

9. Or grow back… (mostly in unwanted places)!

You would think Mother Nature would give us a break! But noooooo, she takes away hair where it matters most and gives us hair where we do not really want it…

Some woman said they need to shave their legs more frequently after birth…

Some have weird chin hair…

And some grow a moustache…

And last but not least:

10. You will have a lower tolerance for alchohol

But strangely feel the need to drink a glass of wine every evening.

Life is strange

Our bodies are weird and wonderful

And a bit contradictory…



Bring on the clown feet, unwanted hair growth and weird smell!

Because having a baby is pretty awesome!

Did you experience any of these? Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

Stay Stylish


Helene & Minki

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