So, we all know the Athleisure trend has been around for some time. If you have been hiding underneath a rock (or a bunch of dirty diapers) let me fill you in:

Athleisure is the fashion trend where you mix sport wear in a stylish way with other pieces to create a fashionable every day wear look.

If you are thinking what the heck is she talking about? I’m definitely NOT going out in public in my gym pants!!?? Then you’re right. One of the easiest ways to enter THIS trend in your wardrobe is to JUST WEAR SNEAKERS.

Scroll down for my tips on how to wear sneakers and NOT LOOK LIKE A GYM BUNNY.

Wear a dress:

The contrast between a feminine dress and sporty sneakers just work. Trust me! It can be a slip- or a flare dress, even a skirt – the girlier the dress, the better!

Invest in secret socks:

The only person who could show their socks and still look stylish is Rihanna and let’s face it – we are pretty fab but no one wants to see your socks sticking out. Secret socks are a must have otherwise your favourite pair of sneakers will soon attract unwanted visitors.

Find the right pair:

I prefer a smaller sneaker because it makes my legs look slimmer. If you have defined calves (like me) stay away from ankle-sneakers – it looks fab in magazines on stick thin models but not so much on girls with curves. On the other hand if you are blessed with long lean limbs invest in ankle-grazing sneakers. It’s like finding the perfect pair of jeans – just for your feet!

Pick your event:

Although sneakers are considered high-fashion right now there’s still a time and place for it. Remember: sneakers immediately tone down any look in other words make it MORE casual. If you are going to 1st birthday parties, it’s the perfect option, because you can wear a pretty dress or skirt and tone it down with your sneakers. If you’re going on date night, take out your high heels or wedges and leave the sneakers for another day.

Be bold!

Have fun pairing different sneakers with your favourite outfit. There are literally millions of colour and style options out there. I love my blue floral sneakers! They immediately spice up a simple navy outfit!

Wear red dotted ones with a simple white dress and of course a red lip.

Or go white!

If you are not crazy about wearing bold colours, you can’t go wrong with the all-white classic sneaker. Pure. Simple. Style.

Own it!

Wearing sneakers with skirts, dresses or even shorts will turn heads, in a good way. Own your style! Obviously you’re going to be super comfortable (duh it’s a sneaker) but be comfortable in your outfit as well.

I personally think that the inventor of the sneaker was a Mommy! It’s super comfortable, you can run and crawl around with baby, buy groceries, and stroll (read run) through the park, push a pram uphill or just run around –

Trying to coordinate all the chaos.

Who says mothers can’t be stylish?

Sneakers = instant style cred plus comfort!

Go and grab your perfect pair!

Floral sneakers @Femme

White sneakers @Zara

Red sneakers @Keds

Stay Stylish


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