As you probably know by now I’m kinda obsessed with jumpsuits.

Being a mommy, they now are even more versatile, super stylish and wait for it… COMFORTABLE!

It’s so comfy because…

It’s a one-piece

which means during no part of the day do you need to pull your pants up or be scared that you’re flashing innocent bystanders.

Long gone are the days where showing the top part of your g-string was considered fashion (for some people)!

With a jumpsuit you will never show unwanted skin.

It’s pants!

You can crawl, run and sit with your baby on the floor, the grass or next to the swimming pool.

Without worrying that you’re not sitting like a lady.

For our mommy’s it’s just one less thing to worry about. Great!

It has pockets!

Most jumpsuits (or at least the ones I buy) have pockets.

I just love the comfort of pockets and it’s perfect to put those stray-away dummies!


I know, I know comfort is NOT a style BUT in the jumpsuit-case I will make an exception.

Who says you can’t be comfortable and look oh-so-stylish at the same time?

This trend has been around for a while and is definitely here to stay. Unfortunately a lot of women are scared of wearing jumpsuits and sadly not all girls look stylish.


For jumpsuit-fashion that will make heads turn
scroll down!

I (insert your name here) solemnly promise that I will:

Buy a solid colour

Yes, patterns are fun and pretty and whimsical.

But a jumpsuit is already enough of a style statement. You don’t need the extra large florals or ethnic print.

Look for classic colours like navy, black and olive green.

Let the jumpsuit do the talking not the print!


WARNING: Be careful to buy a grey jumpsuit – it tends to look like PJ’s!


I’m wearing my solid colour (navy) jumpsuit from @Foschini.

Check the length

Jumpsuits are normally quite short.

If you are not comfortable with a short fit, look out for jumpsuits that end just below the knee.

It’s a different style but also pretty and comfy, maybe a tad more formal.



If it falls below the knee you must add heels otherwise you tend to look frumpy.

Except if you are supermodelish-tall and thin.

Worry more about fit than size

This ring true for any garment, but especially when buying a jumpsuit.

In my experience rather go for the slightly bigger fit.

a Jumpsuit stretching over your bum or post-pregnancy tummy is not a flattering look.



Nobody can see the size you’re wearing, be it an S, M or L – rather let it fit well than trying to squeeze yourself into a size 8!

I’m not telling you my size! But my jumpsuit fits perfectly – not too tight – and that’s all that matters!

Accessorise the right way

Again, the jumpsuit is a style statement on its own.

Unlike a white T-shirt it does not need a lot of accessories to look stylish.

Here, simplicity rules.

I accessorized my jumpsuit with a long-strand necklace (nothing big or overpowering) from @topshop, as well as simple gold flats from @Foschini.

Keep your promise and you will be a yummy-mummy.

Stay Stylish


Helene (& Minki)

*Keep an eye out for my next post = all about Minki’s adorable outfit!

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