Going barelegged is great but sometimes it’s just too darn cold to rock your fave summer dress!

So yes, tights seem like the logical solution to cold-proof your look, but it’s a fact that tights sometimes just don’t go with an outfit.

Scroll down to see how to style tights in a way that will not only keep your legs warm but also melt a few hearts along the way.

Is it just me or is it getting HOT in here?


Dress up!

Lightweight dresses are great for wearing with tights.

Here I’m wearing a ditzy floral dress – the contrast between the warmer tights and the lightness of this summer dress adds interest to my look.

Keep an eye on the length – dresses that are just too short to wear with bare legs are perfect for wearing with tights.

When in doubt wear black (tights)!

Yes, you can wear tights that aren’t black, but tread very carefully.

Colourful tights tend to look costumey, instead of chic.

It can very quickly go very wrong and look trashy.

Please save your patterned or coloured tights for your next costume party.

Shoes can make or break this look

Match your shoes to your tights for a nice and polished look that is a tad more conservative.

The same colour bootie also elongates your legs.

Or be a true fashionista and pair your black tights with a different colour bootie.


Red floral dress from @MrPrice
Black ankle boots from @Woolworths

Plaid dress from @Topshop
Brown ankle boots from @MrPrice

Opaque Tights from @Woolworths


Hey you! Yes you! We’re talking to you!


Wear peep toes when wearing tights. No one wants to see your reinforced toes.

Put on nude tights = instant granny alert!!!

Remember: The only thing that should be running is your legs – when chasing after your little one – no RUNS and HOLES in tights.

Check your backside before leaving the house or even better ask your hubby to check (guaranteed he’ll love it!)

Wear socks over tights – you’re not in high school anymore (thank goodness) and no you’re also not a fashion rebel like Rihanna.

STAY. AWAY. You have been warned.

STOP S.H.A.V.I.N.G – just because you’re wearing tights doesn’t mean you can stop shaving.

It’s called sheer for a reason…

Need I say more?

 Tights are so great because you get to extend the wear of your summer staples without even taking out your purse!



Go on expand your closet, it’s as easy as :


1. Put on a pair of BLACK tights,
2. Follow my do’s and don’ts
3. You will be the chicest girl on the street.

Stay stylish


Helene (& Minki)

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