You know what’s really annoying?

I’m a planner and I like to think of myself as an expert packer (if that’s even a thing). But since having a baby it just seems that the ONE thing I’m actually looking for is packed away somewhere unreachable.

I’ve got separate bags for everything, which is great, but when you actually need something it’s in the one bag that is currently unavailable

(Murphy’s Law I think?)

So, I end up looking like a homeless person, carrying 6 different types of bags (even a plastic one) and the worst off all… I still don’t have a wet wipe when I really really really need one!

But luckily I found this aptly named go-to bag from

MiGi designs.

Why I love it:

It’s pretty oh so pretty!

I mean just look at it. The black and white stripes create a classic background for the bOuNcInG pompoms.

I immediately fell in love with the playful pink pompoms all around the zipper.

Just watching them bounce makes me unexplainably happy.

The lining is hot pink and contrast perfectly with the black and white exterior.

It’s made of durable (read child-proof) material and it cleans easily!

Because little (dirty) hands won’t be able to resist the pompoms!

It’s easy to carry!


You know those days when baby just wants to be on your hip? For me that’s basically every day!

This bag is light as a feather (obviously depending what you put in) but no extra weight is a bonus

(especially when you’re carrying a little human on the other arm).

The shoulder straps are broad, making it the perfect over-the-shoulder bag.

And the best part? It match with any outfit! Just add pink lipstick!

It also comes with a little make-up bag, so you can keep your cell phone, (pink) lipstick and lady items separate.

Well, it’s supposed to be for Mama…

And last but not least: It’s big (enough) for everything you’ll ever need.

Even a…


No more looking like a homeless person carrying all your earthly belongings with you,

but one stylish Mama who has (literally) got everything together.

Pyjamas are much needed, flowers are pretty, but this bag is everything a Mama could ever want.

And with Mother’s Day right around the corner… I’m just saying (wink wink).

I’m wearing:

Pink T-shirt from @ZARA

Ankle grazer skinny jeans from @ForeverNew

Lace-up sneakers from @Guess

Minki is looking super stylish in her little black dress from @PickaPayclothing

(The headband is one of Mama’s old ones).

*Baby is not included in price of bag ????

And it’s totally coincidental that her outfit matches the bag. NOT! ????

So go on, Give them some love and follow: Migi Designs on Facebook and Instagram

Then give some self-love and shop this fabulous product online at

or just leave a comment and I will get it for you.

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Stay Stylish,


Helene (& Minki)

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