It’s been 14 weeks! I’m counting down the days like Tom Hanks in that classic movie Castaway, carving out marks on a wooden tree, or let’s be honest, just drinking more wine than usual…

Till I can go to my…


No really, it’s bad, it’s really bad.

I’m starting to look like a new species (half blond half brunette) and it’s definitely not gonna be trending any time soon.

But a (busy) Mama makes a plan!

Give your hair new life with Spring 2017’s must-have accessory!

Bow down for the… Headscarf!

I first saw it when Rachel from The Bachelorette rocked it with various outfits. Dolce and Gabbana’s models pinned twists look prettier, thanks to printed scarves tied around them loosely.

Why I love it:

It’s feminine and adds a girly touch to any outfit!

It hides hideous long-overdue roots!

It’s affordable!

It’s quick and easy!

Wanna shop?

Floral yellow headscarf from ZARA
White silk scarf from Country Road
Floral and Plain black headscarf (2-pack) from Truworths

And if all else fails, just put on a cap!

Minki’s LOVE cap is from Cotton On.

Stay Stylish (and go touch up those roots)!


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