Right about now it’s on every magazines cover.

Although most of the items are lovely and trendy, they are not necessarily perfect for Mama’s.

Every fashionista knows that one of this winter must haves is leather pants. Great! But have they tried getting baby powder off leather?

And if you’re stupid or desperate enough to add water you’re sitting with the same situation Ross had in that F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode “the one with all the resolutions”

(watch it, if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

So, here goes my list:

Top 10 Winter-is-coming must haves specifically picked for MOMS.

*I take the trends straight from the runway and give you tips on how to make it more accessible and #mumfriendly.

1. Black is back

The perfect alternative to leather pants: black skinny jeans from Forever New. Just make sure that it’s:

• High-rise

• Ankle grazing

And remember to tuck it in, whether you’re wearing a T-shirt or a jersey, just loosely tuck in the front part.

*This is a big change in silhouette because we’re so used to the skinny jeans paired with oversized top/dresses combo. But trust me, tucking in will instantly update your look.

2. Toasty tights

Opaque tights from Woolworths will for always an ever be on my winter must have list. Why? Because 1 pair of tights give you endless outfit options.

The tights will keep you toasty and you will look fabulous.

*Wear your favourite summer dresses with tights and ankle boots for an edgy look. – http://www.prettybelle.co.za/2017/03/26/its-getting-hot-in-here/

3. Turtle… wait what?

I can’t believe I’m typing this… but yes, you’ve guessed it turtlenecks are everywhere! But don’t spend a fortune, buy one at Mr. Price (they’ve got all

the colours and it’s cheap)! If you love the layering look but gets hot easily, look out for fake turtlenecks – all of the style none of the sweat.

*Look for a neutral color – black or white are great because the idea is to wear this turtleneck under your favourite dress.

4. Ground breaking florals?

Update your floral look this winter and look out for dark romantic florals! Perfect for moms because floral print + black = no (BABY) marks!

5. The not-so-simple sweater

Did someone say sweater? Yay! Moms everywhere are rejoicing about the Athleisure trend

(click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about – http://www.prettybelle.co.za/2017/04/01/just-sneaker-it/)

But don’t get carried away, this trend is no excuse to hide in your husbands oversized sweater (yes, it smells nice,

it’s comfy and it make you feel loved) but none of this is fashion. So, go and buy yourself a slice of cake, and a beautiful sweater. YDE got lots to choose from!

*Look out for fun details like extra-long sleeves and ruffles.

6. Neither here nor there…

Enter: the Midi skirt. Oh how I love short and flirty dresses… but this season it’s all about that perfect in between length. Whether it’s pleated, chiffon or silky,

doesn’t matter as long as it hit the spot (right between your ankle and calves that is). Sway over to Foschini to find your perfect skirt.

*I love wearing my midi skirt with sneakers just to update the look and make it less formal. Sneakers + T-shirt = midi skirt perfection. Now you can wear your midi

every day and be one stylish Mama!

7. Sweet dreams

Okay, this one is tricky so listen up. Yes, the PJ’s look is a trend. Yes, it’s exciting and NO it doesn’t mean your bunny shaped slippers and

plaid pyjamas are gonna see the sunlight anytime soon. This trend is difficult to rock especially for tired Mama’s. But if you’re feeling adventurous remember:

• Choose one pyjama like item like a silky blouse.

• Pair it with tailored pants.

• Must wear with heels – it doesn’t have to be sky high but at least a mule or a blocked heel.

*If this sounds like too much trouble, just buy pretty pyjamas like these from CottonOn and nap!

8. Up your game

If you follow my blog you know by now I’m just a tad obsessed with sneakers – http://www.prettybelle.co.za/2017/04/01/just-sneaker-it/

But since becoming a Mommy I just can’t seem to want to wear any other shoe.

Go bold with gold, silver sneakers, or playful like these ones with huge pompoms from ZARA.

*This is so easy, you don’t need a tip: just sneaker it!

9. Speak your mind

T-shirts are a Mom’s style staple! I’ve got way too many too count. But this winter it’s all about the slogan. Say what’s on your mind and wear it with confidence.

*Pick your slogan so it suits your personality – please don’t wear a hoodie that says “Justin is my ex” or even worse “look don’t touch” – choose something catchy or

even better a mama-inspired T is right on.

10. Its da bomb!

Again the athleisure trend is making a bow. The bomber jacket is the coveted jacket this winter. Choose wisely because there’s a lot of options especially at H&M.

*Pair your bomber jacket with a midi skirt for that pretty I-just-look-like-this-everyday look every mama should try at least once!

And there you have it! Go out and find your perfect 10 pieces.

Enter winter in style with these must-haves tailored items, handpicked by me, specifically for BE-YOU-TI-FUL Mama’s!

Stay Stylish XOXO Helene

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