I love shopping! Surprise! No really I do, just walking around in a mall makes me unexplainably happy. I see pretty things everywhere! And yes, I’m the worst window-shopper in the world! Sorry Mom, you really did try to get me to like window-shopping and sorry hubby about that credit card…

BUT you know what I realize? Shopping is damn hard work! You need to walk for hours, be focused, concentrate to get the best items in your size, get in and out of your clothes a million times, and did I mention how horrible that fitting room mirrors make my butt look? Like I know I’m not 18 anymore, but I didn’t know it was that bad?

Then I discovered online shopping! And it changed my life!

6 Reasons Why I love Online Shopping:

1. You don’t even need to get up! Did someone say Project Runway?

2. No horrible I-need-to-lose-5-kilogram-fitting-room mirrors, showcasing your cellulite.

3. No more (irritating) shop-assistants! Yay!

4. Changing clothes is easier!

5. Sales are normally longer!

6. Endless choices!

No sore feet, no getting in and out of clothes, while trying your best to keep that damn curtain closed (what’s up with that)? AND you avoid that awful mirrors!

The endless choices are great, but how do you know which one of the millions of online shops is worth your visit (and money)?

Luckily I’m here to do the hard work for you (so you can catch up on the latest American Housewife episode), and when I stumbled across LABEL COLLECTIONS, I instantly fell in love:

Why I love LABEL:

It’s unique and feminine!
Endless variety!
It’s proudly SA!
Fast delivery!

And the best part?

100% money back guarantee!

If you’re looking for luxury, quality, simplicity and integrity then LABEL COLLECTIONS is the shop for you.

There’s a lot of pretty pieces to choose from! Rompers and Jumpsuits, blouses and skirts, knits and tees and don’t even get me started on the accessories!

I (finally) decided (thanks for being so patient Nadia)! On this oh-so-pretty floral sleeve bomber jacket!

This jacket is classic yet trendy.

The classic cut is complemented by the show-stopper sleeves; and any fashionista knows that sleeves are the undisputed star off this season!

LABEL = Versatile!


To showcase the versatility of their clothing, I styled the same jacket in 3 fabulous ways:

Whether you are feeling girly, sexy or just wanna be the stylish girl-next-door…

STYLE 1 – Casual Mama

Pair this fabulous jacket with your favorite romper! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns to create a show-stopping look!

I’m wearing:

Bomber-Jacket from LABEL Collections

Floral Romper from Cotton On

Platform-Slides from ZARA

STYLE 2 – Girly Mama

Embrace your inner flowerchild and go all out girly in a chiffon skirt and of course your jacket. Wear with sneakers for a I-look-this-fab-everyday-look!

I’m wearing:

Bomber-jacket from LABEL collections

Chiffon skirt from YDE

White sneakers from ZARA

STYLE 3 – Hot Mama

Wear a flirty dress, make sure it flares, so you can zip up your jacket! Remember to keep your dress plain, this way all the attention is on your designer jacket.

I’m wearing:

Bomber-jacket from LABEL Collections

Lace dress from YDE

White sneakers from ZARA

Okay, one more!

Don’t be afraid of color! This green skirt really makes this feminine jacket POP!

Other Mamas will be green with envy…

I’m wearing:

My new favourite jacket (you know where to find it)!

Green flare skirt from H&M

Minki’s wearing:

White tutu-onesie from Naartjie


If you have not been on their website, you’re missing out! Go there now and invest in something pretty – you will look effortlessly stylish for years to come.


Start shopping – Click Here

I’m wearing: Chiffon-sleeve floral jacket from LABEL – R1299

Give them some LOVE and follow them on Facebook @Label.Collections

or Instagram @label_collections

Stay Stylish (and let the online shopping begin)!



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