I’m the first one to admit that I have a few “What were you thinking?” outfits in my closet!


BUT there’s 5 Fashion No No’s that I have never and (hopefully) will never make.

These are my FASHION RULES –

 (and sometimes when I walk down the street, I wish I could just shout it out to all humanity)!


Rule Nr 1: Leggings Are NOT Pants!

Tights or leggings are like an accessory.

Would you wear your purse as a dress? Didn’t think so!

Are visible panty lines and camel toe appropriate? No!!!!!

Cover your bum!

Rule Nr 2: Wear The Right Size


While we are talking about your bum…

Please please please make sure that your jeans fit.

If your jeans are too small or too tight we will see way more of you than we want to when you bend or sit down.

No one wants to see your butt crack. They just don’t.

Rule Nr 3: Say NO To Crocs!

Shoes can make or break an outfit.

If you’re not a shoe lover you can still find chic and comfortable shoes.


Crocs were meant for tiny tots (shame on you crocs-inventor), not for grown-ups!

Rule Nr 4: Avoid Tiny Cut-Off Shorts


Again, no one wants to see your butt hang out. It’s just not cool.  

Keep your denim cut-offs on standby for summer BUT make sure it’s got more fabric than your bikini bottom.

Also you are NOT 21 anymore, dress like it.

Rule Nr 5: Never wear socks with slippers


Ah Rihanna! What were you thinking?


I have never seen anyone pull off this look.

No matter how cute you think your socks are.

Wear them to bed or to the gym, NOT with your favourite open-toe sandal.

I will call the shoe-police!



Fashion is suppose to be fun! And lets be honest – we all have that

“What were you thinking outfits”


(even the Duchess off Cambridge) !



Rather help out your bestie, sister or colleague,



We will make society a better looking place. ????



***Which of these fashion no no’s bother you the most?


Do you think I’m crazy and know nothing about fashion, that’s also fine!

Let me know!


Stay Stylish

Helene (& Minki)

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