I remember the first time in hospital when the nurse (tried) to teach me how to bath this tiiiiiiiny little scrunched up human…

I was standing a few feet away (you never know just in case) and then unceremoniously the nurse tipped Minki in some sort of Sumo wrestling move under her arm and gave her, well a bath.

I was terrified. I started crying immediately.

Yeah, I know hormones, just had a caesarean and all that,

but it was so scary to see this happen right before my eyes.

BUT NOW THE scenario is quite different…

I don’t know about you but bath time in our house resembles an episode of Fear Factor and Wipe-out all in one.

It’s about how much water Minki can splash OUT of the tub

(onto the Floor, Mirrors and Jackpot – My Face)!

That beautiful Instagram pics with Mommy lying in a snow-white bathtub filled with flowers and a little angel bathing with her?

Nope! Definitely not US!!!

In between the mouths of water (I try not to swallow) and my foam-moustache

(courtesy from little miss Minki),

The only break I get, is when Minki is really AND I MEAN REALLY super engrossed with her bath toys.

Because although I’ve got no scientific backing I believe a 2 year old has the attention span of a goldfish!

Here’s my (I mean Minki’s) pick of the Top 5 Bath Toys:

1. Pour and Spin Submarine.

BUY NOW: R315 – Kids Emporium

a Floating, pouring, spinning submarine for interactive water exploration.

Pour the water over the wheel and watch it spin;

blow through the periscope to create water bubbles;

and use the two sieves to drain the water.

Enough to grab (and hold) the attention of any 2 year old!

2. Puzzle Books


Whoever said books don’t belong in the bathtub never met this puzzle book!

This book is completely waterproof, and it floats, too.

Take out and rebuild all the pieces and learn all about colour!

3. Stokke Flexi Bath Bathtub

BUY NOW: R790 – Kids Emporium

This foldable bathtub saved our lives on countless occasions!

As you know we looooove travelling BUT our first getaway…

Lets just say Minki had to take a bath…


The first thing we did on Monday morning? Buy this foldable silicone bathtub!

It folds up real small (which means there’s still space for my shoes)!

Since then Minki had a bath in The Kglagadi, Satara, Timbavati and even The Okavango Delta.


And what better way to get clean than with Oh-Lief natural and organic baby skincare.

***Buy the gift box for R219 at Kids Emporium

For when you REALLY NEED A BATH!

4. Stack-and-Spray Tub Fountain

BUY NOW: R499 – Baby City

Water-jet powered fun in the tub!
Base attaches to the bottom of the tub and draws
water up through the center creating a magical
fountain for bath time play.

Kiddo can stack the divers and boats whichever way she wants learning cause and effect!

WARNING: Your kid might not want to leave the bathtub!

5. Foam Letters

BUY NOW: R109 – TakeaLot

This set of 62 foam pieces stick to the tub or tile when wet. Minki loves sticking them to the tub and of course her stomach. Who said bath time can’t be educational?

Warning: Get used to a bathtub filled with foam letters.

It’s quite difficult to clean up.

And last…

The Hooded Towel

BUY NOW: R295 – Kids Emporium

Wrap your little one (and bath time) up in this super soft luxurious hooded towels.

And that’s a Wrap!

PS: Bath toys provide distraction for kids.

so they don’t get anxious before they get clean.

It encourage parent-child bonding.

It gets rid of that never-ending energy right before kiddo hits the pillow.

Kids Emporium Nelspruit is situated at Crossing Centre

Shop68, Crossing Shopping Centre, Corner of N4 and Madiba Drive

Email – hester@kidsemporium.co.za

Telephone: 013 752 3019

Stay Stylish (and take a bath)!
Helene (& Minki)

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