I love lists! I’m pretty much obsessed with making lists.

a Diary has never been enough for all the ideas, goals, resolutions and just random thoughts I want, scratch that, NEED to write down…

(Otherwise my mind will explode)!

Why not just download an app, that will organise your life for you? Mmm… Don’t get me wrong! I love technology!

But there’s something about WRITING STUFF DOWN and then CROSSING it out (after completed of course)! that gives me a KICK!

A Rush of feel-good hormones! Am I the only one? ????

So this year when my sister-in-law text me and said she found the Perfect Planner, I immediately googled it and I found…


from mstudio.

It’s like the founder and owner, Mariaan, went inside my CrAzY brain and organise everything on paper.

There’s literally space for everything.

A Few of my favourite things:

The Monthly Goals Page:

This page is perfect to visualise your goals. You can write down one healthy habit change (no wine on weekdays) ???? and also one realistic and reachable goal (losing 2kilos)!

This month I want to…

Make (Minki’s photo album), Do (more exercise), Read (a Little Life or just a magazine #momlife), Organise(our house), Improve (my eating habits) And Do Less (well stress)!

*(kinda personal but there you have my January goals)!

See, it’s lots of fun!

The Monthly Meal planner:

Okay, I’m definitely NOT the next MasterChef or Kokkedoor but this is cool (for hubby of course)! Space for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can write it down and relax…

(no more last minute phoning Mr Delivery)!

Celebrations, Shopping list and Things I’m Excited for this Month.

I love the Daily Layout, with more than enough space for scribbling random notes and reminders PLUS your 3 priority tasks for the day.

For a scatterbrain like me this is just perfect!

So as you know #bulletjournaling is the latest trend, taking the world by storm. This planner is perfect to decorate and create your own masterpiece, with gel pens, stickers and whatever your heart desires!

I already started writing, scribbling and drawing in mine!

Because research shows that when we make time to live more organised & plan purposefully, it allows us to focus on the things that really matter… things that make us the happiest.

Here’s what you need to know:

Price: R395.00

Available in Black and White or Blossoms and Bloom (that’s mine)!


***Check out more beautiful stationery from MStudio!

Stay Stylish (and organise your life)

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